A Lady Copper Gets Giant Knockers in Super BEro Origins

Set in a world of sexy super heroes and criminally titillating villains, Super BEro Origins takes us on a journey of breast expanding transformation as cute lady cop Terri turns into the superbly breasted Super BEro.

While caught in the middle of a fight between the leather-clad Dame Doom and the bikini-busting Ms. Power, Terri gets hit in the chest by a diverted ray, causing her cup size and libido to skyrocket.

Though the beautifully detailed art perfectly portrays the shirt-ripping breast expansion scenes, it’s Terri’s unbridled urge to ride anything with a pulse (or at least a pulsating function) that really makes Super BEro an enticing read.

After being hit by a truck and walking away without a scratch, Terri’s newfound superhero instincts take over as her body takes flight. Unable to control this unexplainable power, she soars through a storefront window and meets a man that gives her more than a helping hand.

After massive mammary growth and a stunningly graphic sex scene, Terri discovers she has superhuman strength to match her insatiable sex drive as she goes on a search for a toy to bring her more satisfaction.

Convinced it was just a dream, Terri awakens to find her chest back to normal. Fortunately it doesn’t take long before her breast start expanding again.

While author Bob Saget (Sens Au Chocolat, Zero to Z-Cup, Breast Friends) keeps the story fun and intriguing to read, J.J. McQuade (Polar Intruder, Danger Breast, Seven Daring Dwarves) brings it to life with voluptuous illustrations and vibrant colors.

With newfound powers and a riveting rack, we should see future issues putting Super BEro breast to breast with a slew of buxom bad girls.

If you’re ready for heart pumping action and bra obliterating breast expansion, check out Super BEro Origins and the rest of the adult comics over at bestoryclub.com.

Via ComicLeaks.com

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