A Remote Control That Turns On More Than Electronics, Only In Remote Out Of Control

What would you do if you stumbled on a remote control that holds untold power? In Remote out of Control, we learn that responsibility isn’t to be taken lightly, as the remote’s powers fall into the wrong hands.

The story starts innocently enough when Johnny brings home a found remote. But when he points it at the TV and presses the on button, he realizes it can do more than he ever imagined.

Just as the schoolgirl on the TV bursts into an enthralling breast expansion scene with buttons popping and nips slipping, Johnny’s cute sister, Kelly, unexpectedly enters the room. In a panicked state of surprise, Johnny turns too quick, blasting Kelly with the remote.

As her breasts swell and her primal urges take over, she rushes to her room with enormous boobs bouncing and passion climaxing as she embarks on a mind-blowing journey of self-exploration. While the art is exceptional in every panel, the lettering in the orgasmic moments perfectly illustrates the overflowing of Kelly’s sexual desire.

While Johnny listens outside of Kelly’s door hoping to hear the moans of another one of her earthshattering orgasms, he’s accidentally shot by a remote control ray inadvertently fired by Kelly. Luckily for him, the remote control proved able to enlarge more than just the female anatomy, leaving him something to play with while his sister enjoys the remote.

After experimenting with the powers of each remote control button, Kelly finishes another fulfilling masturbation session then decides to let her friend in on the action.

Kelly and her now big–breast endowed friend Margaret take their new look to the club in search of some fun, only to get a bit more than they bargained for. Margaret’s potential suitor discovers the remote and uncovers another one of its powers — mind control.

He hypnotizes Margaret into being his personal slut, leading to a rapturous under the table blowjob in the middle of the club. Suspicious of the situation, Kelly swoops in to break up the private party. The guy attempts to stop Kelly with the orgasm button but misses, causing a beautiful bystander’s boobs to burst out of her shirt as she falls to the floor moaning in ecstasy.

That’s when Kelly’s pursuer, Nick, takes control of the remote and uses it to take control over Kelly. The story ends with an unrelenting display of boob expanding, blood pumping, animalistic sex, with Nick growing inside of Kelly as she climaxes harder than ever before.

If you enjoy vibrant illustrations, a riveting story, and captivating breast expansion scenes, check out Remote out of Control by William Pratt available at bimbostoryclub.com.

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