An April Birthday Brings Breast Expansion to Another Level

Fresh out of BEArchives, An April Birthday tells the story of April’s 18th birthday, which goes from miserable to unimaginably great, all with the blowing out of her birthday candles.

After a day of being wrong in everything she says, from giving the pizza man the wrong address to telling her boyfriend the wrong time for the party, April’s birthday wish is that everything she says will be true for 24 hours.

This wish quickly comes true, and is proven so with a number of occurrences to strange to be coincidence. For starters, after blowing out the candles, her brother pinches her and says “a pinch to grow an inch.” April joked about growing an inch and magically, she did.

Startled, she excuses herself to her room, where her mind and mouth wander to a wish that she always yearned for — large, voluptuous breasts and an insatiable sex drive.

When April’s boyfriend Sam comes over, her wishes lead to a night of unbelievable sex. While the sex was more thrilling than she could ever imagine, it still couldn’t quench her limitless lust. Her search for satisfaction ends with an unexpected climax, as gratifying as the final sex scene itself.

Different than most Breast Expansion Story Club series, An April Birthday is a pros piece, beautifully written by QuasilIncognito, with select pages illustrated by J.J. McQuade.

If you’re a fan of Breast Expansion Story Club’s comics, this short story is definitely worth giving a try. The narrative is compelling, the sex scenes are riveting, and the illustrations are as titillating as McQuade’s comics.

Visit to read this one-shot for yourself. If you enjoy breast expansion, penis growth, and passionate sex, you won’t be disappointed.


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