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A Kiss

What would you do if your kisses could transform a woman?

A Life Of Her Own

Marco’s busty fantasy women — Red — is tired of being just a figment of his imagination.

A New Owner

Elise is turned into a hucow to pay her debts. Now she has a new owner.

A Pirate’s Life

The captain of an all female pirate crew finds herself cursed to have her bosom grow whenever she – or her crew – steals… enormous breasts ensue.

A Simple Matter of Genius

In a sleepy college town Becky, a brilliant young chemist, is targeted by her old college rival Jessica. After losing her lab assistant to this cute and conniving witch, Ruby decides to prove once and for all that in the end brains and love will win over status and money.


Four young women become stranded after colliding into a strange barrel of chemicals one dark night. After experiencing a startling breast expansion due to the strange chemicals, they attempt to seek help at a nearby house.


A woman obsessed with large breasts is given the opportunity to try out a new experimental form of breast augmentation which injects fat cells into the breast tissue. As her dream becomes a reality, she becomes addicted with an appetite for larger and larger breasts.

Air Pollution

A sportscar releases heavy pollution as it drives through town. Breathing in that exhaust has interesting effects on the locals.

Amazon Lisa

Misty Lisa’s evil alter ego transforms her into an astonishing amazon.

Amber’s Second Puberty

In a secret laboratory in New York a mad scientist created a formula that was going to revolutionize the world…

Ashly gets Jizzed by Jazz

Jazzmin has always been blessed with the perfect body for being a real slut, and unlike a lot of girls, she is dedicated to that lifestyle.

Aspects And Attributes

When her great-grandmother passes away, Tera receives a cryptic letter from her grandmother’s estate requesting her to return to her ancestral home on the eve of her 21st birthday.

Assault With Intent To Inflate

Have you ever noticed that when you want something so bad, you end up forgetting what’s right and wrong? My last roommate’s story is about that very same subject. My name’s Hank and I’m serving time at Joliet State Prison for robbery.

Bad Chemistry

Jeff hits the jackpot when he chats up the curviest girl at the bar, but is he as lucky as he thinks?

BE Games

Bored and eager for some changes? BE Games is just the thing, you just might get more than you bargained for.

BE Olympics

Four women compete in an obstacle course with a pool of breast expanding water under it.

Be Retreat

An Indian guru holds the secret to self-transformation.

Beach Comber

When a Southern California goth girl finds and brings home a strange visitor who washed up on the beach, the house beings to be stocked full of a new type of tasty milk with interesting properties.

Bee Stings

Teased about her tiny tits, Julie goes into Entomology. Now she discovers a new species that gives Julie an amazing transformation!

Bessy’s Acres

When Samantha attempts to earn some college credit as a farmhand, things quickly spiral out of control.

Big New World

A scientist invents a machine that changes his lab assistant… and the entire world.

Bigger Tip

A woman experiences first hand why a certain sexy chain restaurant is so successful.

Bigous Boobsous

Malcolm Mitchell finds out his toy magic wand has very real powers… though he still just thinks it’s a toy.


Three very different women are selected to receive a new form of breast implants called Bimplants. Bimplants offer a remarkable new remote control Bio-gel that inflates their chest to whatever size they wish.

Body of Evidence

A fanatical woman, who is intent on infiltrating a strip club and destroying it from within, becomes into a super slutty porn star.


A girl gets bitten by a bat – but instead of becoming a vampire, she becomes a boobpire. Destined to feed on other girls and bestow sizable breasts and her curse upon them!

Booby Trap

An archeologist stumbles upon a trap that has a profound effect on her chest and her life.

Brand New U

A revolutionary new cosmetic procedure let’s a girl get the body she always dreamed of.

Brassieres and Bad Attitudes

This is the exciting sequel to Aspects and Attributes. Tera and her nymphs (no not nymphos) learn to adjust to their new lives together and their newfound super powers. Follow their harrowing adventures as they protect their home from an evil biker chick, and teach a prudish saleswoman about respect.

Breast Friends

A love frustrated woman makes a wish that will shatter the friendzone forever!

Breast of the Beast

When Misty curses a gypsy, her words become her curse. Now, she must find true love or stay a busty cow forever.

Bubba’s Buddha Belly

Betty finds that reality is what you make of it and sometimes you just have to rub the Buddah’s belly.

Building Character

A woman finds herself trapped in a BE story. As the story progresses she finds more and more traps set for her, but what intentions does the author have? Based upon a member suggestion.

Bureau of Restructured Anatomy

Super scientist Jillian Hoover is constantly overlooked by her superiors for the likes of a curvaceous coworker. But her latest creation is one that will no doubt turn the tables.

Cards for All

Mason isn’t exactly the most popular kid in school, and as his senior year wraps up, he wants to make this Valentines Day something special, he just doesn’t realize how special they are.Mason isn’t exactly the most popular kid in school, and as his senior year wraps up, he wants to make this Valentines Day something special, he just doesn’t realize how special they are.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory applies to people as well. A collection of 4 random events connected by lusty chaos.

Chubby Hubby Ice Cream

Julia’s boyfriend has just broken up with her on Valentine’s Day no less! Good thing her best friend and totally not lesbian Campbell is there to cheer her up with some ice cream.

Clyde’s Costumes

Clyde opens a costume shop in a cursed warehouse, and shoppers find the costumes changing more than just their appearance.


A student at an inter-species university learns the dangers of copulating with aliens…


The Large Hadron Collider is about to be turned on. The world has no idea what is coming.

Collider Bundle

A total of 3 Series, 16 chapters, and 160 pages jam-packed with all the expansion and growth you love to see

Contest Story 2

Life’s tough when your boss finds out you dream of huge boobs and has the means to give them to you.

If you are looking for massive breast expansion transformation comics, settle in because you just arrived home.


Nick is a super-genius highschooler who creates a sex slave pill in his garage. He is reluctant to use it, but his sexy next door neighbor Tracy accidentally takes one. She soon finds that her body is transforming and that she craves Nick’s cum. Things are going great for Nick but they soon get out of hand. You’ll just have to read the story to find out what happens next!

Credits to Humanity

Four ‘party girls’ are transported to an alien station, and must earn credits to get back to Earth.

Cruise Controlled

Amanda finds herself having a swell time on board a cruise after meeting the mysterious Master Grey.

Danger Breast

A lost world,a jungle full of prehistoric animals,unexpected dangers and a lush beauty looking for her destiny.

Diet Pill

A desperate girl tries a fad diet pill to get he man of her dreams.

Door to Door

An old business is failing with its sales method. A new way to get clients soon makes itself known.

Dr. Hooters

The exclusive comic adaptation of the classic BE saga has arrived to celebrate 20 years and the relaunching of

Dr. Jonquil’s Tincture

A college professor develops a serum that transforms her from a tame and sensible woman into a wild and dangerous sex fiend. As this alternate ego threatens to take over her life and ruin her relationship, she must struggle to regain control.

Educational Endowments

In a preparation for college class, six students have to earn their future through breast enlargement!

Empowered by Envy

Rachel the loner discovers the source of a supervillain’s powers, and embarks on an epic journey of troublemaking!

Escape from Knockerville

We return to Kockerville for a sequel to The Doom of Knockerville. Women are still growin, men are still shrinking, and breasts are growing out of control!

Everything Changes

Corinne is gradually super endowed through the magic of Marie, a goth girl who wants to shed her immense knockers.

Faeophobia: Sweet Revenge

Set in the monumental Faeophobia universe, this is a sexy story of revenge and mystery. A trio of college students find themselves trapped in the middle of a chocolate-induced fae orgy. Racing against time, they must fight to save their teacher from becoming a sex-crazed slut, and uncover the mystery behind this malicious attack.

Fairy Tale

Bronwnyn, Alina and Chevvy all long for larger tits. While embarking on a search for a solution to their problems, they encounter a magic fairy who transports them to a land where all their wildest fanstasies come true.

Family Legacy

When a very buxom mother and her two teenage daughters move to a new city, the three women meet their new neighbor – an attractive young professional. Soon, each of the three are competing for his attentions. The mother gains an early advantage because of her larger breasts, but the two daughters discover a secret that could turn the tide of the competition a Family Legacy that has been passed down through the generations. This story was inspired by a reader suggestion.


In this inaugural issue, Felicity confronts the cities newest villain: the Blooming Fool.

Fog of the Zombreasts

On Halloween morning, the Hodges family is one of many waking to find a strange sight outside their windows in the small town of Romeroville. A mysterious pink fog has descended over the town and within this fog lies a fate none of them will be able to escape from. Is the real threat the fog or what is in it? Will the Hodges family ever be the same again? And will they recognize the threat facing them as their neighbors come in search of sharing the influence that has already consumed them, an influence where the women become one and the men seek to serve the one. Beginning with a government truck carrying unknown chemicals and ending with a government team trying to determine what level of exposure the surrounding communities may have sufffered, the fog of the zombreasts will infect every female resident and the men will be their faithful drones. It’s a Halloween to remember and one the living dead girls of Romeroville will swell with pride over.

Freshly Squeezed

Two ladies travel to a remote village where all the women are pleasantly busty. They eat a fruit that has interesting effects.

Fun Bags

Friends try to help a guy through his fear of clowns by hiring a breast growing clown stripper!

Garremont Gaiden

A terrorist group strikes the city of Garremont with… a rather unthreatening attack.

Going Down

Doug, a veteran chater pilot, finds himself stranded on a remote island after his plane suffers a catastrophic failure. Stuck with him on the island are two beautiful female clients, who both seem to have a strange reaction to the odd vegetation. Will this modern-day Robinson Caruso find a way off the island? With two rapidly-expanding bosomy women stuck with him, will he even make an attempt at excape?

Grow Cookies

With the house to themselves for the night, Maggie and Dylan plan on doing more than just homework.


Mischievous ghosts? Busty women? Transformative possession? The Growbusters are on the case, ready for action!

Heavenly Boobies

An Angel and a Demon come to Earth fighting over a halo. Their battle brings forth growth of the breast and body varieties!

Hello Dolly

A young married couple make creative use of an experimental body suit designed to heal skin tissue and fulfill hidden desires.

Hollywood Hills

Holly, a washed up actress, would do anything to regain her former youth and beauty.

Hot Gothic

An already busty Goth girl finds that she – and other Goth girls – are suddenly starting to get bustier…

Huge Influencer

A new trend sweeps the social media landscape: Huge Influencers. Some might call Marie a wallflower, but when she gets a mysterious text it becomes increasingly difficult to hide anywhere.

Human Resources

A big boob orgy breaks out in an office building and human resources rushes to get the requisite paperwork signed.

Island of Dreams

Tammy and Maria have no idea how far the Island of Dreams employers are willing to go to ensure that the wealthy clientele get all their dreams fulfilled.

Island Paradise

Adrift in the ocean, a couple lands on a tropical island where the natives show them the joy of swinging and BE!

Lost Age

What would you do if you found yourself in a fantasy world? Go on a series of sexy adventures of course!

Loving Cupid

Self-recognized MILF Jackie gets a surprise visit from her friend Cupid on Valentine’s Day, and soon all hell breaks loose.

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Loving Pun-ishment

A short sequel to Silver Gauntlet. Clever puns and jokes during a bed scene. Nicely written and fun to read.


Psychology student Isabel’s experiments with lucid dreaming have extraordinary consequences.


Olivia and Mario sneak into an ancient archaeological site. Little do they know about the supernatural transformations they’re about to experience.

Mail Me to America

A social drama about a woman from Colombia who tries to better her life through a mail order bride program. Thinking Americans will find her more acceptable, she decides to have breast surgury. Although successful, this alienates her family and friends. Through adversity, she begins to find inner strength and independence.


This tale returns the reader to the fabulous magical resort first described in the comic Arcanium. This time Cecelia, our wise and voluptuous cast leader, finds a way to help an old friend while fulfilling a noblewoman’s fantasy.


A dark story about one man’s obsession with power and large breasts. Tom is a wealthy and intelligent software engineer. Jenna is an attractive but dumb college student studying Physical Education. This story features lots of implant surgery, and it is pretty dark. Read it to find out who is manipulating who!

Mars Wants Milk

Astrid Grey, a secretary, is taken on night by a group of aliens seeking to harvest human breast milk.


“Massive” is a semi-realistic tale of a woman’s slow journey growing from a B-cup to Taboo proportions.

Maternal Instincts

During summer vacation, a young teacher experiences an unfortunate car accident which exposes her to dangerous chemicals. Although at first she seems unaffected, she begins to realise that every time she hears a baby scream, her breasts begin producing milk at an alarming rate. When will it all stop?

Mega Melon Milkers

A secluded island full of mysterious, sexy inhabitants. One daring reporter determined to capture it all. What could go wrong?

Melaina Haven

Melaina Haven is far from your typical high school librarian. There’s never been a more lustful or corrupting cougar.

Melissa 2.0

A girl named Melissa decides to use nanobots to modify her unimpressive body. Things don’t go quite as our heroine plans and before long, the nanobots are running wild on BEU campus

Melissa 3.0

Melissa has found that her nanobots have succeeded beyond her wildest dreams but not always quite as she’d hope but that doesn’t stop her exploring the possibilities.

Melissa 4.0

Things go from bad to worse for Melissa, her two best friends are now using the nanobots but it seems that they aren’t the only person that people but she’s able to live the good life for a while before the house of card comes tumbling down.


Mrs. Page is consumed by lustful thoughts after drinking Milf-Milk. The only person to sate her hunger? Timothy from down the street.

Milf Muffy

A college boy & an older woman experiment with BE only to get MUCH MORE than they bargained for!

Milk Blasters

Firefighting women use milk from their huge breasts to fight fires.


A mage’s familiar becomes a catgirl – sexy results ensured

Mother’s Milk

When a mysterious company known as “Bust’n Out” delivers free samples to groups of milfs they live up to their name.

Muscle MILF

The Muscle MILF nutritional supplement. Side effects include increased muscle mass, more energy, and a need to fuck your trainer senseless.


A shy college student gets mysterious mutant powers that expand women’s breasts and give them earth-shattering orgasms. This development threatens to interfere with his social life and could possibly ruin his chances with a beautiful girl who he’s fallen in love with.

Newton’s Cradle

Doc Newton is new in the sleepy town of Persuasion, so how is he persuading women to want bigger breasts?

Nine Crazy Days

Purchasing a mattress called the Nine Dreamer, Ashly has nine nights to dream and nine days to live them out.

Off the Map

Elly has enjoyed pushing her boyfriend’s buttons. Off the map and having car trouble, she discovers pushing her own buttons.

Office Romance

Two co-workers – Mark and Varla – get to know each other better when Varla’s breasts suddenly grow huge.

One Month Later

A woman awake one month after a virus causes mass infection and transformation.

Orbital Mechanics

Two astronauts are left alone aboard a spaceship orbiting Mars. Struck by an intense radiation wave, they fight to save the ship and themselves from certain doom.

Other Earth

A man wakes up on an alien ship and finds he has been taken into space by a green space babe.


An infection has begun, making women become lustful and more bosomy… but this is only the beginning!

Pecho del Demonio

During a road trip, four milfs discover a unique bar with surreal bloodsucking patrons. Drinking, transformation, and chaos ensue.

Pics or GTFO

Patty has been hanging out on a forum for lovers of busty women, and she’s been telling some tall tales.

Plastic Plague

Fear nanomachines backfire, turning an unlucky everyman (and fetish enthusiast) into a sexual superhero!

Polar Intruder

A polar base is ravaged by an alien. Three scientific girls are sent to investigate.

Pranked with a Kiss

Bernice Coylan loves being a prankster, heedless of the consequences of her actions. When she discovers some mgic lipsticks that let her alter other people’s anatomies, however, her indulgence leads her to causing a great deal of trouble for ther peers.

Prisoner of an Obsession

In a far-away dreamscape world, a man is held captive by a dominating giantess, who is intent on curing him of his obsession with large breasts… through torture!

Pumpkin Queens

It’s Halloween night, and magic is in the air. As Brittany attempts to join a new coven of witches, things go astray.

Raspberry Rain

A girl finds her body lotion having a strange effect on her body. Review: Fans of multiple breast stories rejoice there are a lot more than two here.

Remote Chance

Rick’s luck with the women has really turned around and Neil might have just found out why.

Remote Chaos

The most powerful device in the universe… In the hands of a baby!

Rent Money

A college girl enters wet t-shirt contest to pay rent, finds “magic” lotion, swells to enormous proportions.

Ryan’s Jewel: The Illusion

A new tale of Ryan, human ex-pat among the telepathic Azurites. Following a hunch, his alien girlfriend Tiny performs an experiment that unleashes a new psychic talent in him. Using it, Tiny explores her own secret fantasies, and casts off the usual physiological limits on the mating display provided by her naturally expandable bosom.

Ryan’s Jewel: The Station

Ryan continues his amazing adventure with the sexy blue alien Sapphire. They plot a course to a station in outer space, where they meet up with the rest of Saphire’s friends, who all have special talents of their own, as well as their unique ability to enlarge their breasts when horny.

Ryan’s Jewel: The Visitor

An alien crashes on planet earth and is stranded. She meets Ryan, a soon-to-be-graduated engineering student who can help her in more ways than one.

Sam’s Desires

A young woman envious of her friend’s larger breasts takes pills to make her own grow bigger.

Sea Change

The chronicles of a marine scientist who becomes a mermaid in order to escape an underwater death. After his transformation, he must adapt to his new life, but can’t forget the woman he loved.

Settings Lock

Androids have been built to fulfill your every whim– but what happens if that whim is to be dominated and watch your wife fucked into senselessness?

Seven Daring Dwarves

A twist on the classic tale, Snow White is a somewhat demanding house guest of seven daring dwarves

Silver Gauntelt

From the case files of the Silver Gauntlet, Lady Katherine and Sir Kendrick travel the land correcting magical misdeeds in the name of justice and holy order. Our two magical investigators find a most unusual mystery when women from different villages are all stricken with a sudden case of breast expansion.

Snowed In

A group of horny college students reuniting at a mountain getaway find themselves expanded, stalked, and snowed in!

Special Cargo

Mary has been given a very special, high priority assignment. To take an special cargo to Mars!

A pair isn’t enough? We agree.

Spells R Us: Be Wary How You Wish

Two friends go on a camping trip. Both make wishes where a river spirit overhears them. However, one’s friend wish to become popular is misunderstood, changing him into something else entirely.

Spells R Us: Digital Domains

Get transported to a 16-bit world! Traveling through a series of classic videogame-inspired levels, Alice races to rescue Sheron from the evil Dreadoron!

Spells R Us: Dream Girl

When Elizabeth wants to get the attention of the school’s #1 hunk and quarterback, she enlists the help of a conniving old wizard.

Spells R Us: Pin-Up

A rockabilly model finds herself in possession of an enchanted camera that adds weight to its subjects with every photo.

Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji

Long ago, a spurned Countess made a deal with a strange old man, and unleashed a lustful spirit upon Eastern Europe.


Julia Millers becomes chosen test subject for TriBeauty’s new product, Aqua Youth.


Let’s enjoy this new kind of comic of a new author: SaburoX. Welcome and thanks for your work!! =)

Spring Break in Vegas

The continuing story of a woman who has undergone an experimental form of breast augmentation which injects fat cells into the breast tissue. As her addiction and breasts grow, she finds herself living a wild and dangerous life in Las Vegas. Sequel to Addiction.


A bounty hunter and her catch encounter a forest nymph who grants them each 3 wishes.

A busty hero? Sure!

The Wig

Two women fight over a wig that grants the user an incredible busty body..


A mysterious coin which steals breasts is passed from one owner to the next. This is the story of Ruby, a young woman who finds joy in using the coin for a brief time.


A working woman gets a coveted job and uses her growing breasts and ass to keep improving her quality of life.


Rae creates a device that can reallocate physical attributes from the masses to a single Individual. When her friends tell their significant others – sexiness and mishaps are simply bound to ensue.

Trance-tory Takeover

Trance-tory Industries manufactures and provides products and services. Now they are taking over, perverting one mind at a time.

Two Dollar Bet

Kimberly is new in town, a college student only having recently moved into her dorm.

Unholy Testament

The Unholy Testament is the Warlock’s Bible, and no female can touch it without being corrupted.

Unstable Assets

Thief Suki steals a magical concoction and experiments with it on herself, causing her breasts to grow significantly. She then decides to use her newly acquired assets to seduce the mighty Lord Cuthbert. Will Cuthbert fall for her charm?

Valerie’s Share

Space Smuggler, Radik, is more than apt at finding company at each spaceport he docks.

Viva Las Vegas

Carolita, Jessica, Tammy, and Tasha are workers for a Las Vegas Casino. One day they win the million dollar jackpot, and guess how they decide to use the money! This story is the special founding members story. It is password protected.


A tormented girl discovers her magical gift and decides to share it with the world.

Weekly Gazette

A lady who always uses public transportation, did not expect what a few angry words would end up doing to her.

Welcome Home

When Fumiko’s husband unexpectedly brings a pet Neko home, her life spirals into a confusing world of passion.

Wet Tee Shirt Contest

Three college girlfriends go to Florida for Spring Break and discover a plot to make girls’ boobs grow a lot!

With Great Feeling

Nicole discovers an ancient form of magic while working on a college research paper. When she finds out the magic actually works, she uses it to help get good grades and spice up her relationship. It’s a nice feel-good story.

Wyrd Juggs

Demure nerdy Aquila is regularly bullied by Bimbo’s at her highschool. Then her goth witch cousin externalizes her inner beauty.

You Look Pretty When You Are Angry

A rude and insensitive woman is visited one night by a good witch, who places a magic spell on her. Every time she becomes angry or is mean to someone, her breasts will grow!


Zereva the alien goes on a journey of escape, sex, and self discovery.

Zero to Z-Cup

A bright college student struggles with her looks and social life, until a meteor falls down onto her and changes her life… forever.

Zero to Z-Cup 2

Another flat chested “zero” is going to ascend to a gorgeous Z-cup while trying to maintain a college life.