Cherie Spells R Us: Cherie On Top
A young blonde woman with modest curves. She focuses on her job to lead a peaceful personal life. She becomes a victim of the mysterious woman!


Spells R Us: Cherie on Top #2

Ryan and Cherie make a mess in the back room, and she simply can’t resist more of those magic cherries!

Spells R Us: Cherie on Top #3

Cherie took it too far with those magic cherries in the last issue, and her sex drive is out of control!

Spells R Us: Cherie on Top #4

Waking up with a pair of giant breasts shouldn’t surprise Cherie at this point, but by now she’s had enough!

Spells R Us: Cherie on Top #5

She was huge before, but she’s eaten another cherry! Will Ryan resist his growing desire as Cherie’s breasts become truly enormous?

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He's been working at the ice cream shop for a long time. He has always been interested in Cherie, but not enough to grab her attention.
A mysterious woman in charge of the Spell R Us store. Her intentions are unknown, but she acts in various ways over time.

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