Professor Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula
He is the professor at the art school attended by the girls. He is clearly more interested in the models than in the class itself.


Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula #3

After finishing her vial of The Sexy Formula, Mary tempts Luke to meet her in the locker room for some fun.

Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula #2

After taking The Sexy Formula, Dina finally gets her moment with Jimmy. In the heat of it, he utters a certain word.

Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula #1

Two girls visit Spells R Us to cure their love troubles. They are given The Sexy Formula which transforms their bodies. If they are called sexy, however, something drastic happens.

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Mary always wanted the attention and looks from all men, and it seems that with this new potion, she might just get it.
Dina is tired of being the typical nerd girl, so she decides to try a new formula that will change her life.

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