Codename: G-Woman, a new superheroine is rising

Who do you make love to when you’re 26 feet tall? Gail Parker’s sex life had been hotter than hot with her latest boyfriend. Then suddenly, in the iddle of an epic orgasm, the quiet school teacher became of epic proportions. Her house destroyed, her now way too tiny clothes ripped away, she ran through the gawking town before going for cover in the trees. Still reeling from the shock of almost losing her boyfriend in her now giant wet cave, confusion and terror washed over her as the government apprehended her within minutes of her transformation. Whatever caused her to grow to such heights also gave her skin so hard it was impenetrable. Lucky for the government operatives, there is more than one way to get inside a gorgeous woman. Subdued by the elite team with an oral explosive, Gail is helplessly hijacked away. Probed by a mad scientist, spied on by plotting costumed warrior women, interrogated by top military brass, a steamy visit from an ethereal super powered enchantress and all while trapped inside a custom made giant cell deep in the secret Prometheus Base.

Gail knows her old life is gone. Her parent’s house is destroyed and she’d never even fit inside the school to teach again. Now this luscious heroine will have to create a new life as the giant amazonian G-Woman and discover the real power of her sheer size, mind blowing endurance and exquisite super sized curves.

How did she transform? Why was the government on top of her so fast? Why did those plotting women want Gail to join them? Where did Spirit come from and where did she drift off to after she comforted Gail with the soft love she needed? G-Woman is a delicious cocktail of captivating sexy and bewitching story.

Take a look of the exciting teaser trailer here and of course you can read the complete story!

Via ComicLeaks

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