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Tea Time STORY


Tea Time is an epic story of how the world became corrupted, how girls grew giant breasts in manners defying all laws of physics and how the decent and normal became indecent and perverse. It all happened thanks to Doctor Mitchell Sands who merely was taking the trash out one night.

Mitchell witnessed a fight in the dark alley behind his home, a fight no one would believe and one that seemed to be some figment of his imagination considering it appeared to be some future version of himself participating in the fight. However, as he went back inside his home, the world was already corrupted, from a wife who seemed suddenly obsessed with sex to a neighborhood where girls became practicing whores, where women were blown up and swelled into perfect forms, and finally to a town that was quickly becoming centered around perversions beyond imagination.

What happened? Why did this happen? And can Mitchell Sands save the world by stopping it? The answers will be surprising as this story actually turns the reader into a participant in the cause of what really corrupted the world that fateful night in the alley behind the doctor’s home.

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