Danger Breast Breaks the Mold with an Endless Adventure of Hedonism and Heroism

Mysterious jungles, grisly monsters, and threat-sensing boobs make Danger Breast a heart pounding, can’t-miss tale.

The story is set in the lush rainforests of Lost Valley, a world only accessible through a dimensional gate known as the vortex. Though they arrived at different times, Barbra and Pat have become best friends as they live amongst the dinosaurs, animals, and natives of this seemingly magical place.

Barbra’s scientist parents found Lost Valley twenty years before. They lived there happily; raising Barbra in the jungle, until they went out exploring one day and never returned.

As Barbra grew up, she became Lost Valley’s guardian, using her gigantic breasts to notify her of threats to the land and its inhabitants.

While Barbra is brave and strong, Pat is frightful and anxious, with sex being the only way to ease her fear. As Barbra’s boobs expand to save the day, Pat spreads her legs to relieve her stress, creating a number of riveting scenes with all kinds of action.

Barbra and Pat’s exploits take a scientific turn, with the introduction of Dr. Mendel and his assistant Frankenstein. Bringing his mansion and lab with him through the vortex, Dr. Mendel shines light on Barbra’s past, introducing an unpredictable twist with massive ramifications.

The Doctor also injects Pat with a breast expanding serum, placing her and Barbra on the same pedestal for the first time in their friendship.

Only five chapters into the series, Danger Breast has positioned itself to explore an endless number of possible storylines.

Authored and illustrated by J.J. McQuade, Danger Breast flawlessly balances dynamic action sequences with endearing character moments, creating a rich and engaging story.

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Via ComicLeaks.com