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20.000 years ago

Some Russian scientists exploring the Arctic under the ice to find a sleeping giant.

A Cupid’s Big Day

Lo, a newbie cupid, has been thrown into her first day of training on Valentine’s Day. She quickly gets in over her head, figuratively speaking at least.

A Glitch in the System

Corporate worker Cleo observes the people, but someone has their eye on her and knows she has a gigantic secret!

A New Life

Justin has proposed to his long-time girlfriend Cynthia. What should be a time of happiness is quickly overshadowed by the slow and steady shrinking of Justin. What’s causing it? And how will Cynthia and the other women in Justin’s life react?

A Scratch Beneath The Surface

After getting scratched by a giant monster attacking the city, scientist Lynn Fujita eventually becomes the country’s biggest hope.

A Wish of Genies

Aladdin, the character in the story, find a lamp with a genie woman (and giantess) miraculous.

Alison Wonderbra

Alison visits the mysterious Wonder Fashion Products facility where almost magical form-enhancing fashions for women are created.


Goddesses are not born; they are created, and one modern-day woman is about to be granted the gift of power and prestige that comes with being a goddess. Witness every detail of the Ascension!

Atmospheric Conditions

In a remote region of space, the crew of Eve-1 finds atmospheric conditions making their space epic even bigger.

Ayers’ Folly

A military experiment goes horribly wrong, causing a female soldier to uncontrollably grow. A specialist is brought in to cure the giantess, but his internal desires for her leads to the ultimate folly in judgment.

Beyond the Law: Reversal

Tessa returns to unleash havoc on the world, but little does she know that there’s a heroine willing to challenge her.

Big Debut

Advertising is big business, and Brian Arkham has the biggest product debut of them all.

Big Surprise in a Bad Moment

Julie is a nurse, she needs to concentrate to study for a test in college. All goes well until a storm spoils her plans. Julie will have a big surprise.


Already stressed about her wedding day, an allergic reaction to wildflowers gives bride-to-be Carrie a more gigantic problem.


Rupert is a man with a rocky marriage. When he runs late for what is likely their last dinner party as a couple, he misses out on more than just the food.

Bubbling Up from the Abyss

They were sent to study living creatures rarely seen by human eyes, to the bottom of the ocean with brand new wetsuits giving a new form of freedom for the very first time, to explore this alien landscape.

Cafe Grande

Following a letter from her cousin, Mana winds up spending her summer at a caf

Chatting Up

Diana and Ginger love to chat. After Ginger introduces Diana to an adult website, their friendship grows in many ways.

Chubby Chews

A little candy never hurt anyone but it might make you grow.

Codename: G-Woman

A girl becomes a giant, flees into the forest where she is confronted by the army.


Hungry for some sex-fueled transformations and vore? Join Maggie as she turns her school into an all-you-can-eat-buffet!

Couples Therapy

A couple are given magic jewelry– when one feels sexual pleasure, their partner grows!

Cum to Grow

An experiment goes wrong, now women are growing huge from cum! The men better watch out, these ladies are hungry!


There’s money to be made in destruction. All it takes is finding the right crew, the right equipment, and the right “talent” to get the job done.

Dragon Balls

A bitchy princess with inflated self-worth goes too far in her pranking & meanness, incurring her servant & family’s rage.

Dungeon Masters

A trio of friends playing tabletop D&D gains their characters’ abilities and powers while dragons are unleashed upon the city.

For Science!

A struggling female scientist discovers a big new way of life through her research.


The Galathea lover is murdered and she find the seal of Hapy.


James is visiting his friend Matt Robinson, but encounters his mother, Betty, first. Betty has a thing for hot, young, strapping men like James. Picking on James’s like of tall women, Mrs. Robinson growing power over James becomes immediately apparent.

Getting High

Five friends are interested in partying, but after one of them gets given some strange weed, they get really HIGH.

Giant Plant Experiment

To win a grant from a private company, and to finance his experiments, Sarah must make a presentation facing a committee. but something goes wrong gigantically.

Giantess Rangers

When the earth needs heroes, five Rangers will stand to defend it against the sexual attacks of evil Queen Rotten!

Going Down Growing Up

After crashing on a deserted island, Rick and Miranda discover that their new home is changing them in strange ways

Going Up

Christina is nervous about her job interview in a high rise. However, the elevator ride going up will change everything.

Green Glow

An alien gives a women the ultimate power to bring justice to the universe!

Greyman Comics

Gumball, newest villain in Quartz City, uses altered gumballs to turn innocent women into giants. Can Greyman save the day?

Grow World

A little taste of all that we have to offer. Wealthy guests find that what you covet, often covets you.

Growin’ Clean

Mariela brings her step-daughter, Sofia, to start earning money cleaning houses. Sofia’s curiosity leads to one BIG unexpected result.

Growing Body of Research

Cynthia, a self-proclaimed sexual Anthropologist-psychologist extraordinaire, journeys up a frozen mountain and discovers the secret to body growth.

Growing Desire

A man’s wish for his girl to have a bigger sex drive comes true in an unusual way.

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Growth Competition

Four women, a beachfront property, and tons of growth-inducing toys. Sounds like perfect reality TV?

Growth Studies – Judith Moss

Judith Moss works in an office. With no time for fun, she focuses completely on her job, at the expense of any social life. However, when she gets hit by a strange beam from the stars, fate decides to change all that.

Growth Studies: Kaley Miles

Kaley longs to be noticed by other people. One night when she gazes out of the window, she is struck by a strange beam. Growth ensues.


Taking a plane can be a nerve wracking experience, especially when one of the passengers is a beautiful woman who is growing without control.

Hero of Size

A parody of the popular video game Fable II, we follow the exploits of a hero that discovers a fourth, previously unknown heroic power: the power of size!

Hunting for Bigfoot

Three friends travel to a scenic forest for one night. One friend has a pretty “big” secret!


Andrea is the top agent of a secret government group called the Org. On a mission, Andrea gets exposed to a mix of chemicals

Incognito Bundle

2 series, 16 chapters, and 162 pages jam-packed with giantess growth, delicious giantess sex, big heavy tits, vore, destruction, and much more!

Jacolyn Beanstalk

Jack has been living with a cold and rather cruel yet beautiful wife. She’s just sure that she’s above any other woman in the land. Thanks to a fortuante encounter with a mysterious cloaked woman in town. Jack returns home with some magic beans and shows

Kaskade Falls

The opening night of Club Kaskade is going to be very, very big!


Kinetica: a limitless source of energy. Humans serve as mere batteries for the alien race. But what happens when that energy can no longer be contained?

Kinky Comic Convention

Three friends embark on an adventure as people begin transforming into their costumes at a local Comic-con.

Life Mutated

Max discovers an experimental lab of marine animals. After coming face to face with a squid she is “transformed” forever.

Little Hero

A woman thwarts a bank robbery using the power of her body.


A young scientist repairing an advanced microscope makes one tiny mistake, with rather immediate large results.

Mall Madness

Wilendra, a witch who hates humans, lets her temper flare while shopping at the mall. Big problems result.

Margo’s Matriculation

Within all of us lies a desire to become more than ourselves. For Margo, a journey through her mind turns her desire into something more literal.

Mega Force Three

In each generation, three teen girls are chosen to protect the world from evil!

Miffed Mindi

Don’s ex-girlfriend Mindi tries to get back with him in an extraordinary way.

Milf Milk: Island Diet

Anna’s island has everything: sand, sun, and growth-inducing fruit. If she’s not careful, she might outgrow her new property.

Mischief, Mayhem, Growth

When the strain of work and relationships reaches a boiling point, Tanya finds herself swept into the growing arms of a mysterious and mischievous young woman.

Monkey Paw

A young man experiences the chaotic consequences of the ancient monkey paw of legend.

Morgan Le Fay

The fairy Morgan le Fay walks through the woods and encounters an ogre who becomes a beautiful lady.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth, an extremist eco-terrorist group, uses giantesses to help nature take back the planet.

Mr. Harper & Mr. Turner

Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Turner became Giantesses, permanently. Now, it’s up to their sons to make them feel comfortable in a world made for the small ones.

Mrs. Harper

This time is David Turner, Mrs. Turner’s son, the one dealing with a growing crush for a growing Milf.


Charlie Foster accidentally ingests some special “Quama” fruits while on her way to deliver them to Dr. Summers.

My 50ft Lover

A rich woman’s affair with her housekeeper gets even more complicated when she grows fifty feet tall


Hercules consults the oracle of Delphi only to find inspiration from two growing goddesses: Athena and Aphrodite.

Omake: Attack of the 50ft Woman

Omake is a series dedicated to reimagining classic scenes in size fetish, improving upon and emphasizing the elements that make them so great. This issue: Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman!

One Giant Leap

A new planet shows three explorers that the moon was one giant leap, but this is something much bigger.

One Size Fits All

A last ditch effort to raise stock value by selling clothing made from exotic Amazon fabrics raises something entirely different.


The atmosphere of a small moon called PARKUM, has chemicals that alter the female physiology, as Lt. Alexandra Hayworth is about to discover firsthand.

Peak Shift

The scene shifts from Matthew and Lana onto Lana’s younger sister, who has mistakenly taken the entire bowl of the growth prototype to her college science symposium. While initially she’s unwelcome, the prototype quickly turns the situation around.

Peak Shift Bundle

Dig deep into the Peak Shift Universe. And remember, every growth comes with a challenge and a price.


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PMD: War

The peace is Korea is shattered as the P.M.D (people of mass destruction) start a new PMD war!


She was a glutton for food, pleasure, sex… and size.

Project Overman

1943: At the height of World War II, the Axis powers unleash their newest project– a human superweapon.

Queen Bee Phenomenon

In a world overrun by gigantic women, one man sets off on a sexual quest to regain global balance.

Rack’em UP

Jake Jacobs is rising up the ranks in billiards. His girlfriend, Hayden Holmes might just be rising.

Read the Fine Print

A woman glances over a document and accepts without reading the fine print. She then soon finds herself growing to new heights.

Red Pill

Luke is an average man, living an average life in the year 2029. That is, until he tries a revolutionary drug that allows him to “live out” his fantasies.

Red Pill: Legalized

Red Pill, in all its giantess inducing forms, is finally legal. Milf Ellen wants to try it out for old times sake, but they don’t make it like they used to!

Red Tab: Tourist Trip

A corporate spy finds himself sampling the giantess-dream inducing hallucinogen code named “Red Tab,” getting more than he bargained for.

Giantess Growth Comics

Giantess Growing Girls

Rising Crime

Unleashing a toxic gas upon a news station, a new super villain invites her victims to unleash their growing desire and more carnal urges.

Rogue Banger

When super soldier Nicki Liu escapes the government program that created her, an unsuspecting agent’s sent to bring her home.

Size Troubles

Encounter between two interplanetary spacecraft, driven by a woman and a man each and that are in an unknown planet.

Soma Seeds

A naive, young girl seeking escape joins the company of a junk trader and a mysterious woman. The girl learns about Soma Juice and the power its influence has on the world, bringing about change she would never believe possible.

Stranger Growth

College activists Matias and Sam have finally tracked down the latest iteration of the nefarious god particle experiments.


A professor, his assistant and a driver hit a military secret establishment. There are greeted by a girl who becomes a giant of drug saved work.

Swamp Monsters

Swamp gases outside the town of Boggy Marsh hide big secrets, and five kids are about to see how big.

Tall Tales

Simone loves to tell tales, like her gramps. Her friend Allie notices they have a commonly tall element to them.

The Briar Patch

Visitors to a strange planet fall into a trap that leads to growing problems, and they aren’t the first.

The Carnal Candle

Emily buys a candle from a mysterious shop. Once home to her boyfriend, she lights it and goes to school. There, we meet her nemesis, Amy. However, the candle activates during one of her lessons.

The Giantess

A woman living in New York City can grow and shrink at will, prompting government reaction.

The Giantess Fight

A woman participates in a global tournament between giant women while searching for her missing brother.

The Golden Ticket

In this reader requested retelling of the classic “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.” The quirky tour leaves many of the guest with more than just a growing concern for their safety.

The High

Our protagonist enters the world of the giantess through drug use. Her experiences run from the violent to the erotic.

The Little Woman

It’s easier for a girl to get pushed around when she’s small, but what happens when the “little woman” isn’t quite so little anymore?

The Mummy

Two explorers discover a female mummy in Egypt, which becomes one giant pursues, then disappeared.

The Red Tail Saga

Krella the Red is enjoying the spoils after her last adventure. When a musician tries to steal some of her silver during a brawl, she makes him pay… all night long.

Undress Distress

A genius invents a device that accidentally changes the world in way that will affect future generations.

Vape Queen

A man’s girlfriend has supernatural vaporous powers. Behold, the Vape Queen!