Growing Strong, Busting Loose: Giantess Containment Bureau

Superpowers are about wish fulfilment; you don’t need to be a psychologist to appreciate that. Scratch a comics fan, and you’ll find a kid who daydreamed about running as fast as the Flash or leaping tall buildings in a single bound. But not only do superpowers represent our inner desires – for freedom, for power, for courage – but they can also unlock them. We often treat characters as though having new powers would simply reveal their personalities (is it pretentious if I say Plato said that? He did, you know) but they might also change them.

That’s the theme of Giantess Containment Bureau, a new offering from It has all the things you’d expect from one of their giantess comics – action, battle and plenty of giant-sized sex – but it also centers around an interesting twist that looks like the setup for a longer story.

The story starts off with a pair of agents for the Giantess Containment Bureau, Solomon and Uriko, trying to keep a city safe from a rampaging giantess. We quickly learn that giantesses are nothing but irrational monsters, their minds vanishing as they grow. When Uriko gets infected, then, it seems like farewell; he can’t bring himself to kill Uriko, however, and she wanders off.

So far, so typical; but as we follow Solomon on his investigations as part of the GCB, we learn that there might be more to the story. Solomon meets up with another GCB agent and together they rescue a captive scientist, Dr Huxley, and his beautiful daughter Rebecca, a slender girl who seems to be able to transform into a giantess and still control her voluptuous gigantic form. More adventures follow – but what has become of Uriko?

For me, the thing that really sets Giantess Containment Bureau apart is the characterization of Uriko. Although initially she seems to be no more than a brute, she conquers her bestial side, resulting in a woman who’s in control of her newfound size and powers – but has no desire to return to her tiny body. This isn’t just the toothless friendly-monster stereotype of many comics, though; Uriko is still powerful and dangerous, demonstrated in a gripping scene in which she overpowers and sexually dominates a rival giantess.

When Solomon and the rest of the team are sent on a mission to investigate Uriko’s growing army of giantesses, old partners are set on a course toward a deadly reunion. And even if Uriko and Solomon reunite, there’s still another threat looming …

A word about art: I don’t see an artist credit, but whoever it is does an amazing job making these giant women seem both dangerous and sexy. All the swaying hips and swinging breasts don’t hurt the feeling of titanic menace, which must be tricky to pull off. Kudos there.

You can catch up with the adventures of the GCB here.

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