An amazon get turned into a bimbo secretly by a goddess of love . The amazon catches a Bimbo fever and is bed written . The fever acts as a real fever all the while transforming her body .As the fever takes effect the amazon becomes more curvier .Because of her new found growth she constantly trying to find clothes that fit her with out wardrobe malfunctions . Even her hair seems more beautiful. After she completely transforms she neglect her amazon training . Her fellow amazon notice her sexy new bimbo body but they just think she has gotten fat from not training and being sick . The newly transformed amazon is kindly forced back into amazon training . In the training the newly transformed amazon breast constantly swing, bounce , and fly every where .Her fellow amazons become very concerned with her health in watching her perform worst than she ever has . The amazon decide to train her harder . She refused but was forced to do so and is provided an Amazonian boot camp . She would train so hard she would often lose her top revealing her beautiful large breast and overly big nipples . Some times she end up training completely naked ;do to wardrobe malfunctions in training since battles are never designed to be fair (wardrobe malfunction doesn’t stop combat training). But since her breast are so large ,full , and buoyant even naked they seem to still swing, bounce , and fly around a lot. But fighting naked definitely doesn’t improve her fighting abilities .Often her training partners will target her large breast do to them being so flamboyant . She has experienced nipple pulls , twists, breast kicks , booby punches , and slaps . But because her body was soft and most amazon aren’t they would enjoy slapping , punching ,and kicking her .As well as putting her into submission holds and locks .She would often grown and moan in pain which her fellow amazon saw as weakness since they are all warriors use to pain(Bimbo personality emerging ) . After so much training the transformed Amazon body looked more sexy with even extremer proportions . Her breast seemed firmer, tighter, and perkier .But they seem to swing, bounce , fly around even harder than before .

The Amazon bimbo is sadden by her life of constant training and being beaten up every day with her body being left sore all the time .As the climax she finds a unconscious man .She is infatuated and enamored with him . She smells him and lays her body on his .She enjoys the feel on his body by rubbing hers against his . To be continued…

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