One day humans started to reproduce by parthenogenesis. With time, sexual reproduction became extremely rare and everyday, less and less male babies were born.

Over time, the total population of the world decreased a TON, which then caused the next milestone of the human evolution. Girls started to grow all over the world, giving birth to the era of the Godesses.

The remaining males on earth are now the size of an ant, compared to the Godesses. But one day, a simple guy, trying to survive in what is left of society, manages to draw the atention of a GTS. Falling in love almost immediately, they create controversy all over the world and they want to change it for good.

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  1. One could argue in this scenario its just the male population that has crashed depending on how often the humans reproduce via parthenogenesis. Is it just the women who Plus does this method imply that the males are getting pregnant as well to maintain their own male population, because if not and only the females are reproducing this way and its gone on long enough for the population level to be effected that would suggest not all females became giants and shifted to this mode of reproduction otherwise I figure the male population would be wiped out by then.

    What is the relationship at this point between males and females? or perhaps better would be the giants and the human race? are humans pests? Pets? Slaves?

    If the size difference is that of an ant to a human I can’t see this working, if for no other reasoning that their would have to be few giants based solely on the question of what would they eat. Unless these giants have also gained the ability to sustain themselves like plants via photosynthesis.

    Its an interesting sort of Romeo and Juliet type setting but it definitely needs tweaks to make a compelling story.

    It may work best if the main male character finds a young woman while exploring in the ruins, not knowing she’s an immature giant, they quickly bond, but the man quickly realizes how over time his love is growing at a furious rate, until he realizes what she is. they try to make the best of the time they have till their size difference makes physical love or anything else impossible. The end could be they manage to have a child who becomes the sort of Goliath leader of the male community and the giantess becomes their goddess/ protector, laying down and going into hibernation where she forms a sort of mountain range that separates and protects the community while her still lactating breasts forms rivers of milk as part of what feeds the community. Forming a sort of promised land of milk and honey sort of scenario.

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