The Zoo for Strange and Unusual creatures, a fad started by a certain Zoo, has been followed and failed by so many, with the original lasting well past 4 years, all the wannabes barely made it to two before having to close down (mainly due to logistics and finances). But against all odds, the Helmthar Zoo for Wonderous and Kinky creatures has made it to its third year and business is booming. They made their own model using the template of what came before, they broke the Zoo up into two different areas, the Zoo for Wonderous creatures which was designed with families in mind and has genetically altered creatures that are “safe” for public viewing, and the Kinky Zoo which is only open to a select clientele that can only get permission and passes after proving they are at least 19 years of age and have gone through a thorough background check (all the staff in this part of the Zoo are at minimum 18 years of age and are under the strict supervision of at least 2 park managers at any given time during their shift). The Kinky Zoo’s has a number of “attractions” that are in fact men and women that submitted themselves to have their bodes be heavily modified (in some cases no longer even appearing remotely human in any way), and most to of the guide staff are of varying levels of modification themselves. The Kinky Zoo appeals to a wide array of fetishes and kinks, but is still open to only a select few (and advertisement for the Kinky Zoo can only be found on fetish sites that have a number of special restrictions to make sure the wrong sort don’t happen upon the ads and ruin the ride for everyone else).

Enter Theodora Nelthin, a 22-year-old woman with plain looks with self-worth and self-esteem issues that just got fired from her fourth job in just as many years. Theodora is a hardworking individual, and some would even say loyally honest to her commitments but it’s that same work ethic that ironically has gotten her fired, every one of her jobs fired her over false allegations and she just barely gets her final paycheck from the company that fired her because the Legal and HR departments don’t want it to get out they dropped the ball when it came to her, especially since she didn’t want to rock the boat but still kept a record of harassment at work with HR (and occasionally legal) but they never really did anything about it because she was the only one on record reporting this stuff only to have similar reports come in from her replacements some months later. The new managing director for the Kinky Zoo finds at the family-friendly zoo observing the exhibits and mumbling to herself about being as impactful as the attractions. So, he decies to follow-up on her and do a thorough background check on her. Turns out Theodora is into Body Modification, and is even the sort that really leans into some of the more extreme modifications, but has been saving up for one of the simpler procedors because that’s the best she knows she can go for, basically one of the kinds of clients the Kinky Zoo is best at catering to. The Kinky Zoo’s managing director, Nathanial Belthas, starts working on a way to invite her for an interview to make her either a guide or attraction, a process that easily takes a few days at the very least. If she takes the guide position he’ll make sure she’s modified to his personal tastes, partially because he wants to have her pull double duty as his secretary, mostly because he wants to fuck her silly and basically make her is wife in all the ways that matter.

Just what will happen with these two oddballs? What is the Kinky Zoo really like? What kind of fees does it press on the guests?

This story inspired by the Brighthaven Zoo for Unusual Creatures series by Allen Reed.

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