Ms. Marigold’s Luscious Acres is one of the more…interesting places you visit. Mariah Marigold, the owner, and proprietor, of the farm is an enigmatic figure, for most folks, all anyone seems to know is that she’s a woman and older figure. No one really knows more than that, at least nobody off the farm anyway, and they don’t seem to want to share that information with outsiders. the farm is pretty expansive, 420 acres, and nobody knows how, why, or when Mariah Marigold got the land, or even when the farm on the land was built, none of the buildings seem to be from the same era. Okay, I’ve rambled about all that long enough, onto the rest of the explanation.

The farm inhabited by bizarrely humanoid animals, whom all seem to be female, all of which are clearly farm animals, busty bovine women with multiple breasts, buxom mare women with thicc legs and booties, buxom sheep women that have their wools growing in a provocative manner, chicken ladies with big booties and thick legs, even a few dog women with a more athletic build, there also a few cat women of various builds slinking around the properties, but almost nobody that visits the farm actually meets Ms. Marigold in person, even the potential new farmhands that come for a visit get interviewed at a screen that is audio-only for them during the interview process in the farmhouse. Strangely enough, nobody who hires on to the farm ever leaves after, or is even heard from again, even local law enforcement has the investigation ends after a few minutes of pecking around the farm. Enter our main protagonist, Peggy Gum is at the farm to investigate on her own, she’s a promising amateur gumshoe with a daddy that’s a successful detective, she’s here to look for one of her former best friends, the farm was the last place that friend was seen. Peggy refuses all applications for employment on the farm, she’s on the hunt for her former best friend Lisa Sol, the two had been close throughout middle school and high school but lost touch in college around the time Lisa said her class was going to the farm for a class trip. Little does Peggy know she is also being watched.

Now for a bit of the Truth about Ms. Marigold
Mariah Marigold was always a bit of a mad scientist, all of her old classmates would say as much. She majored in chemical engineering and biochemistry, all so she could perfect her humanoid animal formula. Mariah was obsessed with animal vitality, ever since her father first swore to her on the vitality and naturally powerful health of animals when she was a little girl, that was over fifty years ago, and now she’s almost pushing 70, not that she looks a day over 35. The farm, and all its land, have been her family for generations, she inherited it from her folks after they kicked the bucket when she was around 43. When she inherited the farm it was in danger of being foreclosed on within 5 years, she needed to find a way to turn things around in less than that if she wanted to keep it. This place was perfect to run her experiments, and she so happened to have a lot of money from working for a major pharmaceutical company at the time, it took almost half her paychecks for the first two and a half years but she managed to pay off all the outstanding debts that mattered most for legal reasons and keeping the farm in her control. Mariah managed to develop a literal drug for keeping her in peak physical condition and young but the process had almost cost her the labs she used more than once. Now, the drug is visibly losing its effectiveness and she is looking for a potential successor, someone with an eye for detail, the tenacity to keep things going, and maybe a little too obsessed with animals and their health. None of the volunteers that signed up for her farm were that dedicated, although they all did jump at the chance to irreversible get turned into anthro farm animals. Granted, to keep them from getting too problematic Mariah put them in chemically induced coma-like states and mechanically extracted their human memories before implanting all new memories based around the animals they had become, most of them could barely remember how to use language, and the ones that did had that annoying habit of either using hulk-speak or puns built around the actual sounds their base animals said. Literally, all 20 of the lab assistants she started with had practically subjected themselves to the treatment, of their own volition, when they were developing and perfecting the procedure. Now Mariah sees a new possibility with the latest new arrival looking for answers, especially how seeing how technically intuitive Peggy is, if Mariah could just convince her to end the search for her former friend and make a pursuit more in line with what she was after but Mariah has a feeling that won’t be as much of as a task as she thinks it will.

Flash forward to the two meeting each some weeks later other and Peggy is getting flashes of memories that she doesn’t recall but feel familiar. Mariah seems to be a bit too familiar with Peggy, even calling her a pet name only Peggy’s great grandmother called her. Peggy gets the feeling her family was keeping something from her, something big but she ignored it because of something she can’t recall. Peggy’s questions, starting with those regarding what is up with her memories, start to assail her. Seems she is searching for answers beyond her initial reason for coming here, and it seems her family was very against her visiting the farm when she told them where she was headed, en route.

Just what are they both in for? Why is Peggy having second thoughts? Why does one of the bovine women look so familiar? Why do two of the horse women seem familiar? Why is one of the sheep women so fucking friendly to her? Why is Peggy losing her resolve to investigate her missing ex-friend? What is Mariah Marigold up that involves Peggy? Why does Mariah look so familiar to Peggy? Why is Peggy so at home in Mariah’s lab when she gets there? What did Peggy’s family hide from her and why?

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2 Responses

  1. A nice concept. Though I feel the mechanic for the loss of human memory a bit involved for this sort of story. Why not just make it that the transformation for some or in earlier versions increases pleasure center of the brain via reducing intelligence so it feels good for the transformees to be what they are now compared to what they were. The other aspect of other bonuses to health or appearance could be another aspect. (i.e. bigger breasts, access to a very well endowed stallion, or that as part of transformation it cures otherwise terminal, incurable or human genetic disorders or even regrows lost limbs)

    One would think via that that Ms. Marigold could get enough willing volunteers that she wouldn’t need to do something that would so obviously bring attention and via this gain willing helpers who would help her keep intruders in place. Plus I think those added effects would tie in well with the concept being put forth of vitality.

    Another thought in regards to the need for a successor, is that Ms. Marigold can further extend her life, just not and keep her human appearance so she needs a successor more to be the new human face of the farm and keep those keeping track of how long she has apparently been around question how she is still alive.

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