In the entirety of all living aliens in the cosmos there are aliens who never knew war, some who are so generous that they help anyone who wants or needs help, and then we have the daxos aliens who entire civilization and manners are being horny, messing with others, and generally being assholes. Not only are they assholes, but a technological advanced ones. And now two Daxos aliens are making they’re way to earth not to make peace, but to have some fun. Equipped with cloaking technology and laser ray that can alter living things the two aliens are prepared to have some fun on a global scale.

A woman goes to a Gym to exercise, as she Works out the aliens decided to make her fatter and nearly impossible to workout. But, everyone in the gym becomes infatuated and proceed to all have sex with her in the middle of it all.

A woman chilling at a park chews on some blue gum as she spits out her old one and chews another one the aliens zapped the gum. As she chews it was beyond delicious, lost in the flavor of ecstasy began to turn blue bloat and inflate becoming the size of a van while giving off a tasty aroma. Before she knew it she had swallowed the gum and grew 10 times her previous size and her arms and legs sucked into her ballon of a body in complete bliss, then people of the park enamored by her began sucking on her hose sized tits and putting their arms and legs into her womanhood gushing out all the juice overflowing in her all the while the blue inflated woman could do nothing but moan and enjoy herself.

A newlywed husband and wife were having sex in their house until the aliens zapped them turning the husband into a tall 7ft woman but the wife outgrew the house while getting thick thighs along with bigger breasts while began pleasuring herself By stuffing her husband into herself both growing figuratively and literally from the experience.

A boyfriend and small shy girlfriend were holding hands in his bedroom until the aliens zapped them both, she pushed him down on his bed and began growing muscles with a new look in her eyes ripped off his pants and licked his dick making him rock hard and balls inflate. She then proceeded to suck him until he cums in her mouth and her breasts inflated from an a cup to an g cup before his eyes. She then licked again and began to fuck him and as he came, she grew twice as big while her breasts grew a little bit and her muscles grew a bit while he did like it was a little scared of his girlfriends new confidence.

A woman in a barn was milking her last cow for the day and then let her go back to the herd when the aliens zapped her. Before her very eyes her breasts grew and grew snapping her overalls and slowly stretching out her sports bra. Before long she couldn’t get up as her breasts swelled up making sloshing sounds and eventually hit the walls and ceiling’s of the barn. Luckily she was facing the entrance and saw as her breasts pulsating and pushing against the wood of the barn. Finally an unbearable pressure grew and felt her breasts about to burst until her nipples broke the walls on the other side of the barn spraying her house from top to bottom in milk. Finally relieved of the pressure, until she spoke too soon and felt a tingling feeling come out of nowhere her breasts pressure up again as her tits outgrew the barn growing to twice it’s size and began spraying milk all over fields and sighed in relief until she felt a familiar feeling again.

Laughing their asses off the aliens done with messing with the farm girl then proceeded to finally head home promising to do this in the near future. All the while people of earth were baffled as these cases wasn’t just happening in their town but others across the globe in random order.

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