“S.A.F.E” stands for “Sexually Aware of Fornication and Experiments.” and “8008” is leet for “BOOB”, in other words TITS. There are 6 Adults that sign up for this experiment who are in thier mid to late 20s (3 men and 3 women) and they enter the safe at an undisclosed location. When they enter, a moniter turns on that shows a woman wearing a skin tight SAFE suit that shows off her huge tits and cleavage to tell the participants that they will be in the SAFE for a full year and they will have to survive until then and bid them farewell telling them to “be safe”. They will be in experimental situations such as being under toxins that turns them on sexually, breast expansion, growth, orgies, hallucinations, lactation, pregnancies, exibitionism, and other unspeakable sexual things while being in the SAFE.

SAFE’s motto; “And always remember, BE SAFE!”

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