There exist worlds parallel to our own where what we would consider bizarre is considered mundane and the mundane bizarre. These parallel worlds are like layers on a cake, and occasionally someone will slip from one tier to another. Do not attempt to adjust your bra strap we have control over your cup size. We can make your areola larger or smaller, or turn on your milk flow because you have wandered into the BE zone.

Eliza has always been flat as a board; on her 19th birthday she wishes she had larger breasts while visiting an exhibit on human’s view of fertility through the ages, a statue glows without her noticing. She wakes up and finds that the world has changed; not realizing her wish has caused her to shift to another reality.

In this reality women’s breasts never stop growing, as such huge breasts among women is common. In fact most women who marry become housewives because pregnancy further increases the rate at which a woman’s breasts grow, to the extent most become immobile in their own homes, tended to by their husbands and children. Eliza mother can still get around with the help of a dolly, but as milk production is also permanent must often milk herself. Eliza learns in this reality cows are not raised for milk just meat as women provide all the milk human society could need. To make matters worse a woman’s intelligence and sex drive seems linked to her chest size, the larger a woman’s breast size the less intelligence she holds onto and the more she craves sex, her once intellectual mother now talks and acts like a cock hungry bimbo.

This reality seems like even more of a hell for Eliza as her transference to this world has gained her nothing to enhance her own bust. But she soon learns many other women are jealous of her, as they view her apparent slow growth to mean she will be mobile longer than any of them and be able to find tops that fit, most women go topless once their breasts reach a certain size. Men also flock to Eliza, as a woman who won’t become immobile or an bimbo till later in life is sought after as it means less time caring for them and more time they can help with child rearing. Girls her age with large breasts are avoided and tend to end up spinsters living in dairy communities providing milk to the community. As such most products for women seek to make their breasts seem smaller rather than larger in this reality.

Enjoying her new popularity among the local men and getting lucrative endorsement and model jobs, Eliza is enjoying her new world till she notices her breasts are starting to swell like the locals, something she at first thought she would be immune to as she wasn’t actually from this reality. She quickly realizes the local milk seems to be connected to her growth, the problem is everything in this reality seems to contain milk, can she land a good love match before she grows to large and stupid?

Note: the link between breast size and intelligence could be taken out if it makes for better story telling.

This was me playing with a sort of inverse logic of what we usually see in tales here, should be interesting to see how community reacts to it.

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