There exist worlds parallel to our own where what we would consider bizarre is considered mundane and the mundane bizarre. These parallel worlds are like layers on a cake, and occasionally someone will slip from one tier to another. Do not attempt to adjust your bra strap we have control over your cup size. We can make your areola larger or smaller, or turn on your milk flow because you have wandered into the BE zone.

Two friends are on a boat to a resort on a small island, they won an all-expense paid trip their on a radio promotion call in game. The island lives up to its name, pleasures of all sorts for this women’s only retreat are to be found, from the more mundane spa treatments, fabulous shopping, all you can eat food, games of chance and rides, to the more mature of a strip clubs, male escorts for rent and close door orgies.

However while no money is being asked of these women, all of whom seem to have won trips to this resort another form of payment will be extracted from them. The friends soon notice a change seeming to come over their fellow resort goers, the crowd seems to contain much more buxom and beautiful women then the day before. As the second day goes on they notice other changes, everyone seems more forgetful, horny and bi-sexually oriented, themselves included. Then the learn the truth this island is magical and the cost of their indulgence is that they will be turned into buxom bimbo’s to supply strip clubs the world over or for those of great beauty auctioned off as trophy wives to the very rich.

Can they escape the island before they are to horny and stupid to recall why or want to get away from the nice men promising them a life of sensual pleasure for the rest of their days.

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