Andrew has heard tales of Bigfoot sightings at a nearby mountain, which is also known for strange disappearances. Rita and Vicky two girls who both have romantic feelings for him accompany him on his camping trip to investigate. However they get separated from Andrew after he runs off after what he thinks is Bigfoot as some fog begins rolling in. After losing their supplies to a bear attack they come across a trail that leads them to a strange old time village not on any map and populated with very fertile women and men with very large bulges in the seat of their overalls. With bad weather rolling in they accept an offer to let them stay the night neither realising they will never leave. Such is the fate of all lost travelers on Preg Peak.


The village looks something like an Amish settlement, with the women doing traditional women’s work (cooking, cleaning, sewing, childbearing, child care, milking cows) which Rita and Vicky are expected to help with in return for food, shelter and the dry clothes offered them. Their hosts are an old couple and their two strapping young sons Richard and Vern. Their female host keep referring to Vicky as Victoria, not liking her name. Both are angry with Andrew for landing them in this situation and not noticing he was leaving them behind killing what feelings they had for him and removing the bad blood that had been between them because of fighting over him.


Their female host is appalled at how ill schooled the two are in a woman’s duties and plays the role of drill sergeant to impart the skills she feels they need into the two. The pair hardly notice time passing, the bad weather gives way to fog and the excuse now that the fog makes going down the mountain pass to dangerous, neither question the constant fog that seems to hang over the town. They are to busy learning to be proper wives to Richard and Vern who have won their hearts and their virginity several times over. Its only when bathing at a nearby spring with the other women of the town the two notice how improved their figures are, no different from the other local girls with their G cup breasts and wide hips.


The two are getting ready to be married, a few other couples will also be married on this day, one of the first they can recall with clear weather. The dresses fit snugly over their wide hips, large breasts and the swell of their expecting middles. Both girls are shocked to see Andrew, with far more of a bugle then they recall among the grooms. Seems he got lost and found himself in this town as well, and trained to be a good husband, a virile one as well as he’s marrying twin wives both sporting large bellies.

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