Not sure if anyone else has put forth an idea on this but here’s my two cents.

The tale of how the farm got started, and how the first cow-girls reacted to suddenly finding themselves four breasted milk making machines.

During the second world war a team of scientists were working on a way to combat food shortages that we occurring due to the need to send supplies to the front. This team was working on improving milk production. However the teams research just as it was nearing completion was cancelled as the war ended. The team send to decommission the site outside of a small one horse town in order pocket more of the funds simply dumped the nearly complete formula into a nearby river. Which just happened to feed the towns water supply.

The young women of the town all note some odd changes over the next few weeks, horns, larger breasts, lactation, tails and additional breasts. Thankfully the indecency this causes doesn’t cause many problems as the only men in the town are old men, the rest having gone off to war. But the women have to figure out what to do before those men scheduled to come back do so.

One of them figures to make the best of it and proposed a dairy farm. The men when they do return are more than happy to go along with it, thus starts the first male week.

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  1. Additional notes:

    I figure for consistency with the original story the researchers eventually learn of the place and come to help out developing the reversal method present in the original tale.

    The special pure milk I figure to give it a clear source comes from cowgirls that have been cowgirls for a few generations and they produce it following giving birth.

    That was one aspect of the original story I felt was lacking, regular cows only give milk after giving birth, I then assumed when male week occurred and the restrictions were laid out, it was because the full time employees had to become pregnant occasionally to maintain their milk supply. Which also put forth the concept of would that then be a point of no return at which point reversal was no longer possible? Or just that the child would be born a cowgirl and therefore would have no reversal possible?

    But I digress.

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