Ashley is on her way to the infamous “Bimbo Boot Camp.” It’s not her ideal situation, but how else is she going to afford college? So, with her suitcase packed, she and a handful of other girls step through the great halls of a mansion, greeted by their new headmistress. Over the course of her first semester, things go from weird to pleasurable and back to weird, forever changing Ashley’s mind and body in the process. She’ll have to step up to meet her instructors’ high standards, losing sight of who she was in favor of the slut she’ll forever be. Confused but aroused, she learns to love her developing body as she goes through “second puberty,” gaining the curves she always felt she lacked and learning how to use them to her full advantage.

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  1. An interesting concept, though I think some aspects do need to be fleshed out. Mostly whether Ashely thought that the effects were reversible, and maybe they are its just that so few women after the transformation want to be changed back either due to their lower IQ or that the transformation leaves their new bodies such a live wire for pleasure they don’t want to give it up.

    Plus if this is meant to be a play on how the army pays for education, then it does leave the question of how warfare is handled in this universe, is this a more peaceful utopia world where combat is replaced by some form of beauty pageant instead?

    Or is this meant to be more of a Chastity like concept where the boot camp is a type of college that is cheap thus the lead can afford it which just seems to oddly turn out bimbo graduates?

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