B1M-80 is a unique planet, even among the other planets in the system of the sun designated F3t-15H. Unlike its neighbors, H4r-3M and FU-T4-H3RM, B1M-80’s moons do not share its distinct properties, which would make them decent observational points, but only 1 of the moons can support life, and barely at that; the only marginally habitable moon has barely enough atmosphere for more than one person, two people tend to push its limits, but one person has plenty to work with, at least for a few months; planting oxygen-producing plants the moon barely helps the situation. As for the planet itself, B1m-80 has a unique energy that only seems to only affect women. The energy field of the planet, which extends just a few dozen miles past its atmosphere, has the effect of turning women, regardless of their intellectual capabilities, into total bimbos, and if they’re lucky, some of them turn into mildly intellectually capable ditzes.

A few decades after establishing a research settlement on the planet to get a better understanding of the energy field that has a bimbofication effect, they found it was much more intense. First of all, they found that Bimbofication only starts taking effect after a girl turns 16 years of age, but the bimbofication is subtle and slow and takes full effect on their eighteenth birthday. But the extent is even more than anyone anticipated; the bimbofication also results in an almost mutation-like effect where they transform into different kinds of bimbos, almost like what you would encounter in a creature-capturing series sort of way, sometimes this bimbo monster effect improves their mental capabilities, but not by much. However, in this bimbofied state, women experience a far more intense sexual need than any woman out of the planet’s energy field; this effect seems to also impact the attire women are wearing during the woman’s time of transformation. For the most part, the residents of the planet have embraced this bizarre change; they even have managed to break down the bimbos into ratings and typings, the inhabitants of B1M-80 jokingly refer to this system as the Bimbomon Phenomenon; those rankings are Basic Bitch (the most common and populace kind of bimbo), Rare Slut (noticeably less common than the Basic Bitches are), Mega Rare Bimbo (considerably hard to find most of the time, but well worth the hunt), Hyper Rare Slut (considerably more difficult to find than the Mega Rares but usually well worth the investment), and Stupendously Superior Slut (often abbreviated as SSS, and the rarest kind of Bimbo to find, it often believed an extremely small handful of them are present at any given time, only one or two of them have ever been encountered before and already in the possession of a man already but there have also been a few sparse claims of this class of Bimbo being spotted in the wild but those that may be out there are very good at keeping from being found). They even go so far as to offer boys options of a small handful of options regarding what they want to do regarding these bimbos. There is the Researcher of Bimbos, not to be confused with the Rare Slut actually known as a Bimbo Researcher, a Bimbo Typed at the lower end of the type known as Brainy Bimbo (this type of Bimbo actually has more intellectual capabilities than most other types of bimbo but is still presenting in the airheaded horniness that is a typical bimbo trait), the Researcher of Bimbos takes their time studying the many kinds of bimbos there are and develops theories regarding bimbos and why they are expressed in such a game-like way on B1M-80; many young men usually take on the role of the Slut Hunter for a few years, this designation is for men go out trying to discover and tame and claim the bimbos running about in the wild (this is the position the Main Character has signed up for), they use a variety of tools to aid them in their attempts, many of which are basically repurposed sex toys, in addition to using their own bimbos to fight the wild bimbos in erotic battles to make them easier to tame and Claim, claiming a bimbo literally involves fucking them silly until your Mark of Dominance has appeared on their body like a tramp stamp (which usually means it’s on their ass, but sometimes the mark will appear on bimbo’s back near their ass or even rarely appear on the front just above their vigina, occasionally the mark will appear in multiple points on the bimbo’s body but that’s usually a result of extensive sexual intercourse with their master over a very short period time and rarely happens to newly claimed bimbos), taming a bimbo without claiming them is trickier than claiming them, but there’s occasionally good mony in supplying the farms with formerly free-range bimbos, to tame a bimbo you need to make sure they are nearly constantly stimulated with sex toys over a prolonged period time, after which point they will be obedient, but not to the extent of being claimed, and follow the hunter to a farm holding facility, some Slut Hunters choose to just call it quits after getting a few new bimbos then just going to all the places they got those same bimbos and tamining the to be brought back to the farm;

Regardless of the path they choose, each newly adult man is taken to a special facility near their home where all of the most recently realized bimbos are being held; if something didn’t happen to get them a bimbo before that point; they are each given a questionnaire form to fill out to see which of the newly minted bimbos are likely the best fit for them as a partner; bimbos are usually kept in the holding facilities (commonly referred to as the “Bimbo Farms”), but sometimes they aren’t brought to the facility for holding in time or are too far out from everywhere for that to be a viable option, resulting in unrestricted bimbos wandering about the wilderness, ironically the rarer variations of bimbo being typically being out in the wilderness. Regardless of their rarity level or typing, all the bimbos have intensely fertile bodies.
That isn’t to say males aren’t affected by B1m-80’s bizarre energy field; the effects are just less overt. Men in B1m-80’s energy field experience enhanced stamina and endurance; that’s the most obvious sign they experience; prolonged exposure, or being born on the planet, results in various other enhanced properties for men, physically and mentally, that really ramp up their masculine traits. One of the more bizarre effects of the energy field on men is a new set of abilities to both control their testosterone levels at will and consciously decide just how virile they want to be in the moment. They also gained the ability to place a mark of ownership, known as a Dominance Brand, on women when they fucked those bimbos; this marked them as belonging to a particular man. Upon their 18th birthday, every guy is taken to a special facility to register their Dominance Brand, their mark of possession on all bimbos to show they fucked them first and have all rights to them, somehow the unique properties of B1M-80 recognize these symbols and the brand-like tattoo appears on those bimbos. Also, there seem to be mystical-like properties to some of the bimbos beyond their attire changing when they awaken as bimbos; some bimbos even experience a sort of “evolution” where they transition from one bimbo to an even more powerful, and often sluttier, bimbo, but most bimbos don’t seem to go through this process, almost all the Basic Bitches don’t experience this, but it seems to be more common of an event with the rarer classes of Bimbo. Bimbo Caretaker is the last of the typical bimbo-related fields; these are the people that watch the Bimbo Farms and look after all the bimbos that have been tamed and brought the facilities.
It was for these reasons, and more, that the culture of B1M-80 decided to turn things into a sort of Fantasy Punk aesthetic, with a touch of Steampunk and Solar Punk for a bit of variety.

Go down to the farm and pick out bimbo that seems to match the guy’s tastes. That’s what should have happened, but Oliver Slamson is in a very peculiar predicament the day after his 18th birthday, the day he was supposed to travel to the bimbo farm nearest his home to see what would be a good match for him in their selection; his dad was one of the Bimbo Caretakers, and the moment he encountered a certain slut his first day at the farm to both choose a bimbo to be his companion and learn the ropes of his job, he took full advantage of it all and laughed like a maniac for a minute straight (according to his personal account), that woman was Oliver’s biological mother, and his dad found it hilarious that she was rated so low when everyone prior to all that says they thought she would be one of the rarer classes of bimbo when she hit eighteen. But he instead woke up to two bimbos sucking him off. For Oliver, this is beyond weird; his father only was with one woman, Oliver’s biological mother, who was one of the Basic Bitches, a Bimbo Cheerleader milf with a body that looked like it really hadn’t advanced passed her early twenties, even after the decades of companionship she gave Oliver’s father, the children of a man and Basic Bitch usually weren’t this lucky with women, especially ones this rare. He had two Mega Rare Bimbos in his room sucking him off, with his brand on their asses. To make matters more unusual, Ollie knew these two bitches; it took him a while to recognize them because of all the changes; they were, ironically, two of his only friends in school, from grade school all the way up to high school graduation, all three of them had graduated at only seventeen years of age, and those girls had actually said if they could find a way to be his personal bimbos they would. The thing is, the house they lived in with their parents was at least a half-hour trip by vehicle, and females weren’t usually permitted to have permission to operate vehicles because of the bimbofication that happens when they hit the age of 18, turning vehicles and equipment into liabilities with a bimbo at the controls.

These two new sluts aren’t just the twins he grew up with in school, they had somehow become Mega Rare Bimbos, and everyone thought they would be horribly Basic Bitches upon full bimbofication; instead, he had a Ditzy Engineer and Buxom Bimbo Priestess taking turns with his manhood. Molly Hardel and Miranda Hardel had been decidedly average, at best, in most of their courses throughout their time at school; the same could be said about Oliver. After a moment’s time, he found out Molly was the Buxom Bimbo Priestess (at the smallest, her bust was easily a decent H-Cup), Holy-type bimbos like this were far from common, the only Holy-type Basic Bitches were the Kinky Nuns, but that was only when their figures were a bit closer to typically plain, some guys were into that sort of thing, but Oliver certainly wasn’t the type to go for that; Ditzy Engineers, like Miranda, were Brainy Bimbo-types and typically on the smarter side for bimbos, but their perceptiveness usually was on the lower end of the scale, and her bust was a respectable EEE-Cup; that said, Miranda seemed to have a lot of technical knowledge running around in her bimbo mind, but the rest of her head was either empty, filled with thoughts about sex, or filled with erotic thoughts about Oliver. After managing to get the girls off of him, which was a trial in and of itself; especially with their kinky attire.
After coming down with his two new marked bitches, and still not sure of how or when it happened the night before, he lets his father know that his bimbos found him the night before, while his father is basically fucking his mother out in the kitchen over the table, again, seems he knocked up Oliver’s mother, Sandy (her full name is Sandria but her basic bimbo brain can’t handle a name that complex, so she just calls herself “Sandy,” she can barely handle Oliver’s name most of the time and just calls him “Ollie” half the time), the day of his high school graduation, 3 months prior, and she is showing to be about three months pregnant. After waiting for his father to finish up with his mother, Oliver goes down with his two new bitches, and father, to be officially registered as a Slut Hunter, and officially registers the twins as his personal bimbos as well, and everyone is kind of surprised doesn’t even recall the event he claimed them.

After that, and a few more rounds of sex, Oliver and his two new sluts are off on their journey to get him a harem of lovely ladies that fawn all over him and his dick. Before setting out, Oliver, of course, stocks up on Bimbo hunting supplies and traveling supplies, and heads to a research facility to make sure he has his own personal [Bimbo Log], a device that records all his encounters with Bimbos that day forward and gives various detailed summaries of the bimbos he’s managed to tame and/or claim; the researcher, Doctor Xes, presents him with the latest model of the log, and is impressed at how Oliver has two high-quality bimbos already he also mentions for balancing reasons Slut Hunters are not permitted to travel with more than 8 bimbos at a time and must have arrangements for housing any more bimbos beyond that point; the doctor’s companion bimbo is a Basic Bitch Swimmer-type bimbo that answers to the name of Bubbles, and that’s all she seems to have in her head most of the time. After all the prep work is done, Oliver and the twins are off on their adventure to get him an even larger harem, preferably with more bimbos that lean on the rarer side of things. And yes, the twins are both the type that “evolve” into more powerful and kinky bimbos, but Oliver doesn’t find that out until later, and how far their evolutions take things is rather impressive. By the time he’s done with his journey, Oliver might have more than enough bitches to make up his own personal town where he’s the mayor, and all the residents are his sluts. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

Maybe we’ll see what the rest of the F3T-15H system is like some other time.

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6 Responses

  1. wow, this is well, wow, alot to process on this build.

    Its an interesting concept, and built up to the point where it may be better to cut it free from the F3t-15H universe because the more extreme differences between the worlds makes the concept of trade or interactions between them seems all the more odd. Plus it would save on some of the early exposition, the world being as it is could simply be explained away as ‘its always been like this” I say this just because I can’t help but feel more explanation on how wild Bimbo’s came to be with this scenario is needed.

    I mean I just can’t see how that would be maintained, I mean you would think over time they would take steps to be sure women couldn’t escape into the wild, unless the transformation point was more random. As for those already in the wild, how do they keep their numbers up? I mean if slut hunter is a rather common profession one would think the wild population would quickly be exhausted unless the bimbo’s can catch and tame men as well to breed with. Unless certain bimbo types that escaped into the wild can continuously breed more without the need for a male to keep up the population and its generally considered a good idea to leave those types alone. Of course this makes me wonder how the equivalent to the daycare works in this concept.

    the waking up with the bimbo’s is sort of nice, but I feel it might be better if Oliver already had claim to Molly and Miranda and as such were staying with him as they transformation approached, so we can enjoy seeing them transform into Bimbo’s in front of his eyes. A sort of treat for young men to see, like opening a card pack to finally see if he got just basic cards or something rare.

    Given that they do breed with the bimbo’s it may not be out of place to make it so that a male claiming a female not only denotes ownership but makes him in some way loyal to him and perhaps adds at least a few additional points of intelligence, so that they can better raise their children and an enticement for families to arrange for their daughters to be claimed by a man to be their owner especially if doing so before the transformation in some way either gives a higher chance based on either a flat rate or the males mothers rarity of the girl retaining more intelligence points or becoming a higher rarity variant.

    You seem to be implying that children born from higher level Bimbo’s can potentially give the offspring additional abilities? Does this mean some slut hunters are seeking the rare bimbo’s either for the sake of their future children or to sell to the upper class who perhaps try to have children exclusively with high rarity bimbos. Given that Oliver seems to have some special ability despite his mother being of common stock, does this mean he’s a sort of mutant variant like a shiny?

    How would Bimbo on Bimbo combat work? first to get the other to orgasm? Do the tamed ones just get the wild one horny and distracted enough for the hunter to come in and tame her with his rod?

    on the note of leveling up I just have to put forth it working like in this video

    On the whole an interesting idea. I think it would work better without the colonization aspect, where this is presented as just as this world has always been, but that’s my opinion.

    1. Yeah, I might have gone a little overboard; but yeah, probably would be best to cut it loose from the F3T-15H system for the time being. I also have some summary profiles written up for some of the ladies that are added on. Also, while Evolution is the term most often used, the official name for the process is Slut Advancement. But as said above, the cases of it happening tend to be far from the norm, mostly because the process involves meeting certain prerequisites, and no one has really bothered to document how the whole evolution happened during the time it happened or after it had happened.

      1. I can’t help but feel that some group in a world like this would be interested in researching the slut advancement methods, the still untransformed ladies at least I would think, that sort of information would be a means to them to make themselves more valuable if they don’t change into a rare variant directly.

        Plus would there be a sort of team rocket in this reality, if so what would there goals be, World domination seems out, perhaps they could be interested in gathering bimbos for experimentation, perhaps to find the slut advancement conditions as a means to make money or just create new variants of Bimbos, perhaps even by accident generating an intelligent Bimbo, which has taken over the organization from within. Or maybe just stealing rare bimbo’s for breeding or to sell to high bidders.

          1. It’s always fun seeing feedback on ideas.

            I have some profile summaries written up for some of ladies Oliver eventually gets as part of his official collection.

        1. That’s, more or less, the main reason for the Bimbo Log (which is basically a Pokedex-like device); its job is to record everything and provide information to the researchers when it’s reconnected to the lab’s database network. That way the level of human error regarding their research is minimized; that’s also why each Log also is equipped with the personal data of the person carrying/operating it.

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