Damian Metan has had a hard time for most of his life. Despite being an academic prodigy, most of the school faculty, save 1 or 2 instructors, have given him a hard time or outright been verbally and emotionally hostile to him; almost every clique in grade school, middle school, and high school have bullied him to some degree, especially the Cool Kids and Popular Girls. Things didn’t get much better in college, he decided to major in Computer Programming and minor in Psychology, and despite getting the top grades in all his classes, mostly due to his strong study ethics, most of the faculty and student body still thought it was a good idea to be mean to him on some level.

Damian went to work in IT for a very wealthy company almost as soon as he graduated; they claimed to have headhunted him. He made good money at Luscious Cosmetics, even if everyone outside of IT treated him with contempt or just bullied him in some way. After six years of working for the company, at the age of 27, Damian finally files his 2- months notice (standard practice is two weeks, but Damian likes to go above and beyond when it comes to letting others know in advance) and leaves the company to start his own Tech company. While writing the custom Operating system for his new company, for security purposes, one of his tormentors from high school, Samantha (the Alpha Bitch of the popular girls), comes asking if she can crash at his place and explains she’s exhausted all her other options. Damian considers saying no, but then a wicked idea pops into his head, he can get revenge on her and many others by telling her she can stay as his product tester, which means any product he gives her to try out, she has to try for a minimum of 4 hours, or she’s gone, and she accepts the offer thinking that’s not too bad.

After making sure to set everything up, Damian creates what he tells her is a new VR helmet design, which isn’t wrong but not entirely accurate, the actually VR helmet he designed is being tested by him personally, and the one he gives Samantha is a modified design to brainwash the wearer into an obedient bimbo. After brainwashing Samantha, Damian learns where the rest of her former friends are and begins his revenge by doing to all of them the same thing he did to Samantha. He’s going to have a harem of obedient bimbos that will also act as gateways to the revenges on everyone from his days in school. He also had some female bosses he wanted to do this to, but setting up the revenge for them will need to be a bit more involved.

Damian’s descent into the realm of being a supervillain starts now.

Idea by hvgtd

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2 Responses

  1. Not a bad backstory for a super villain. I can’t help but wonder though as his tormentors weren’t all specifically women what his plans are for his male tormentors when or if they come up. Might be better to tweak it that women specifically have always tormented him as a better premise.

    I can’t help but think Samantha’s appearance at his door is a potential weak point in this story, why would an Alpha bitch have no alternative to him for a place to stay or take a job being his product tester.

    I think her turning up at his door drunk as a skunk thinking she is somewhere else would make things slightly more believable, perhaps also Damian just moved into this new place that used to be the home of Samantha’s ex, who felt he had to move to get away from her? hence her showing up at his door. with Damian taking advantage of her entering his home in that state and passing out on his sofa. Still a stretch I admit but can be covered I think in fewer pages of set up.

    1. That could work too. The idea behind her being a former Alpha Bitch is that she basically didn’t grow out of that mindset and it ended up causing all her other options to fall apart on her.

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