Chelsea Narus has a problem, every time her memory goes blank she wakes up somewhere completely different and starts hearing news about the latest act of the erotic Chill Nethers near the area she woke up. Chelsea has never been able to hold down a job for more than a few weeks since she turned 19, she’s 24 now, but her personal accounts always seem to have more than enough for her regular needs. Also, every few months, she finds out about a new place that is in her name she can crash that has been completely paid off. Just what is going on with her? Why all news about a supervillain near the random places she wakes up? And what does this really mean for her social life?

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  1. So is this a GTS, BE, Bimbo, FMG story. I am really digging the concept of a Dr. Jacklyn and Miss Hyde plot. Ice powers are fun to see if too if the villain can self grow in certain conditions.

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