Literallency Resort is a much sought-after getaway and vacation site; being an island several hundred miles in diameter in the tropics will do that for you. The nights and days are always comfortable, and the windows are tinted just enough to keep the light pouring from being too bright when the light comes into the windows of your room. That all said, everyone, guests and staff, is told to watch their wording. Why? Because the island makes expressions and statements a bit more literal than most are used to. If you call someone a bimbo, for example, they suddenly are a bimbo or if you say someone is “smoking hot” they are literally hot to the touch and smoking from various pores (possibly even burning their attire to ash). Nobody knows why this happens, but the effects fade away the further you get from the island, and all memory of incidents involving all that fades away with it, for the most part. Almost all the staff on the island have something about them that allows them to retrain all memory of everything that happened on the island, some better than others, and those that don’t seem to lose memories associated with the island slower than most other people.

Enter the twins, Alberto and Alberta Memel, the twins are both are 20 years old and just been informed the former owner of the island has passed all ownership and management rights over to the twins. They’re confused, mostly because they don’t recall ever meeting the person who effectively left the whole place to them in their will. As they get closer to the island memories rush back to them, memories they thought lost. They had been to the island a few times with their parents when they were younger, but they always seemed to misremember events when telling stories about what happened on the island when they were sharing their exploits with others. Just what is up with the island? Why was the island left to a pair of siblings that just barely turned 20? Why does half the island staff seem to follow them with vested interest when they arrive? Why do some of the female staff look so familiar?

I thought might be a fun idea to have a story that’s basically a whole warning on “Be Careful What You Say and How You Say It”

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