A colony ship touches down on an alien planet, the automated systems begin to bring the colonists in cryogenic sleep back to the waking world.

The colonists however are shocked when they wake up, in their sleep they have been modified. The result of one crew member reprogramming the ships computer during his shift awake maintaining the ship.

It had at his command used its genetic samples of earth animals to make all of them half animal hybrids. This was done with no regard to family groupings so many lovers now found themselves physically incompatible with each other due to differing sizes, the smell of one repulsing the others more sensitive nose, or one being a predator species while the other a herbivore with a built in fear of them. No clothes fit so all must go naked leaving udders, multiple breasts, sheaths and other new anatomy on display.

The crew member has spliced himself with lion DNA and declared himself King of the beasts and them as his subjects, he created his own personal harem of females he wanted by mixing their DNA with that of lionesses.

Scenario 1: everyone ignores him and try to make the best of their situation as without clean genetic information of their original forms there is no way to reverse what he did.

Scenario 2: Due to hypnotic conditioning in the pods they are compelled to obey him

First heat among females leads to a number of hybrids or couples breaking up as females seek out compatible partner if the male no longer meets criteria. i.e. fox girl and bird man with cloaca,   rather then penis


Rather than half animal hybrids the colonists have had random transformations done, some are to match the crew members kinks, others are punishments for those in his deranged mind have slighted him in the past. He has made himself a eight foot well hung and muscled giant.

Range of potential changes

-multiple breast

-large breasts

-lactating breasts

-height lost

-intelligence loss

-futa transformation

-male to female

-multiple arms

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