At a coffee shop, a barista named Penelope is confused about her new coworker, Kat. She’s never met someone so quiet or who wears so much black clothing all the time. But as their relationship improves, Penelope learns that there’s more to Kat than meets the eye. To her disbelief, Kat’s body transforms based on what color clothes she wears. It’s been a mysterious condition that Kat’s lived with all of her life, but as long as she wears black, she can blend in normally with a crowd. All of that is about to change when Penelope convinces her to live her life and try out different wardrobes. Boldly wearing pink to work, Kat can barely keep her enlarging breasts from squirting into her customer’s coffee! To her disbelief, Kat loves the attention! How might other colors affect her? What kind of trouble will the two women get involved with? What happens when Kat wears more than one color?

Idea by Blue

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  1. a truly unique and interesting concept. nice with pointing out the concept of if she wears more than one color, it can be expanded to does the effect change if the color is on her top or her pants, and if layering can be done via undergarments.

    Another question though is if the color of her clothing affects the transformation does that mean that she is only truly herself when naked? that the version of herself in black is yet another transformation or is black a neutral color that has no effect?

    Is the color effects only physical or do the different colors effect her intelligence or result in a completely different persona’s taking control (i.e. the practical black Kat, the ditzy Rose(pink) etc.) or just effect her mood or personality slightly.

    I think it may be nice if some color ends up making Kat a fully functioning herm and she and Penelope end up as a couple and unexpectedly expecting as a result of their unbridled experimentation. or at the very least the two become roommates at some point in all of this.

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