After a short firecracker of an imp discovers a portal to our dimension, she’ll finally open up the restaurant she’s always dreamed of. To help stay in business, she’ll import specialty foods from her world, food never tasted before by humans. The only problem is that these transdimensional foods come with unexpected side effects, transforming the consumer in a variety of ways. For instance, there’s the canine pepper, making anyone who eats it go into instantaneous heat. The double moon mango is capable of expanding anyone’s breasts to enormous size. The frozen ice flower delivers an instant set of brand new frozen nipples. And can you guess what the rainbow bananas do? With an entire dimension of new culinary possibilities, the imp sure has her tiny hands full. Can she keep her secret from the other imps? What arousing hijinks are in store? Is it possible to break into even more dimensions?

Idea by Blue

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2 Responses

  1. This sounds fun, and maybe things get even more out of hand when the imp decides to expand or business and/or bring on some more help from her home dimension. Perhaps all this also allows the imp to rank up into a much more powerful demon, like a succubus of some kind, and the rank up results in her adjusting the scheme of the restaurant; of course, the plot line of a demon finding true love, and experiencing plenty of kinky times, is always fun to see.

  2. I feel if the imp wants to stay in business there has to be an aspect that these transformations go unnoticed by the humans for the most part. Either that or her restaurant should shift to a food truck so she stays mobile and travels the country to stay one step ahead of any complaints, maybe could even go the route that it even leaves her unaware of the full effects her meals are having. given the meal ideas offered she could easily be running a smoothie truck.

    I like the demon fruit aspect, in accordance with the secret aspect maybe this imp is a bit of a gardener back home where she sources all of her produce from her garden. Perhaps also adding in some of her own bodily fluids could enhance the transformations?

    a few thoughts on potential fruit effects

    pear- a pregnant appearance or very easily knocked up after consumption
    bananas- produces a futa female or a very well hung male
    apple- the fruit of original sin and knowledge, loss of intelligence produces bimbos
    melons – similar to mango’s but instead puts junk in the trunk
    coconuts: increase male nut size in men, makes females hungry for sperm
    blueberries – weight gain
    dragon fruit- dragon physical attributes perhaps fire breathing
    cherries- gives a sweet personality to the drinker
    Pomegranates – sends the eater to the imps home dimension or perhaps turns them into an imp (pulling from the myth of Proserpine)

    I like hvgtd idea of the imp ranking up through this, perhaps unintentionally, perhaps every transaction as it is for demon food passes some of their soul to her, or perhaps she feeds off of lust energy to level up. Perhaps with her own improvements to her appearance making her able to move to fame via a cooking show or something as an ending resulting in her opening a chain of food trucks, each one being operated by one of the old imp friends.

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