Carter Arbos wakes up on the floor of an unfamiliar structure he later learns is an elaborate treehouse; he also finds out he’s been turned into anthro puma, better known by the monikers of mountain lion and cougar. He also finds himself very naked with a toned body and a surprisingly big penis; it’s almost three times the size it was back when he went to bed as a human. Carter is reasonably confused; he doesn’t recall anything that could tie into waking up a well-hung cat man. At the age of 36, This was not what Carter expected in his life; it wasn’t even on his list of top 20 fetishes. Thankfully, Carter is an experienced survivalist and even has a job as an instructor in the way of survival, so it wasn’t too much of an issue when he learned that the surrounding environment was a forest; he was more annoyed at the general lack of clothing than anything else.

As for the treehouse itself, the structure was pretty well put together. It had six bedrooms, five standard, and one master; a retractable rope ladder that had a basic wooden winch for easily controllable lifting and lowering, more than could hold a considerable amount of weight; a functional kitchen with running water; and a functional restroom, with a large fully functional bathtub, made entirely from what seems to be a single piece of stone that has been smoothed out just enough to not be nuisance getting in. That all said, there were no signs of electrical systems or electronic devices anywhere, not even a cell phone or walkie-talkie.
A few hours after inspecting the house, Carter was out and about exploring the forest, keeping his treehouse in sight for the time being, when he encounters a female anthro cougar, and she very well-developed; she was voluptuous, stacked (I-cup bosom), and thicc (her ass is almost as big as her bosom), with a toned body. Carter feels his member go to full attention almost as soon as he sees her. She seems as interested in him as he is in her. The two try to inspect each other without saying a word, and then she tried to jump Carter. He quickly gets out of the way, then instinct takes over, and the next thing Carter knows, he is plowing the other cougar, who is giving off erotic moans and cries of approval and enjoyment.

Carter somehow manages to pound his partner into unconsciousness before he is finally able to pull his rod from inside her; Carter then takes her up to his treehouse and tosses her in one of the six bedrooms he found in his inspection; after that, he starts trying to figure out how to safeguard himself from her if she should prove hostile. A few hours later, his “guest” wakes up and introduces herself as Carrie, she also mentions there are at least four other women like her out there, and Carter is the first male of the anthros that she has seen so far. She also mentions that he gave her the best sex she can recall, and she has been around a while; she mentions being an age that is easily twice Carter’s age, and Carter suddenly realizes that he just banged a literal cougar milf.
The next few days follow the same pattern as his encounter with Carrie, where he basically fucks another cougar woman into unconsciousness, and she wakes up to tell him her name; he encounters the other 4; Carolina (busty thicc milf with a GG-Cup bosom), Chloe (curvy voluptuous cougar a year or two younger than him), Carina (buxom and curvy with a EEE-Cup), and Cathee (voluptuous thicc college sorority girl of 24 with no sexual experience before Carter plowed her that first time, she has as a FFF-Cup bust).

Carter takes the time to learn what sort of specialties his new companions have, after learning they had considerably less defined, and clearly erotic features. He understands that Carrie is an Arborist, which basically means she knows her trees; Cathee was still getting her degree in Psychology while also working as a dancer at the local strip club; she claims to have gotten the job on a dare from her sorority sisters but decided to keep at it when she found out how good the pay actually was; Carolina worked as an archeology professor, but was pretty sure it wasn’t at the same university Cathee had attended; Carina said she was an architect, she claimed to have quite a bit of pride in her work and designs; Chloe was waitstaff, and the occasional dealer, at a casino; Carina was a veterinarian, amusingly enough, but she hardly worked on any big animals, usually just house pets and the like, she also expressed a concern for a lack of clean environment should any of them require medical treatment, she was the closest thing they had to a doctor or medical expert.

A few months later, Carter and the lovely lady cougars become aware of more of their kind in the forest, but all seem to avoid the immediate area of the treehouse for some reason.

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6 Responses

  1. a nice detailed story. Though if the women are meant to be older to lay into the cougar joke would it be interesting to make it so that they all come from different time era’s perhaps? It may mean tweaking their back stories but if hard living in the wild is what is needed some of them being from pioneer days could be useful.

    Should the location be clearly a forest on an island to give more of an isolated feeling to the tale and the concept that just picking a direction to try and find civilization is not an option, or perhaps add an extra moon or something to show this place isn’t on earth.

    I can’t help but feel that the tree house should have a nursery as well for them to believe perhaps aliens or something kidnapped them for them to populate this new world or something.

    1. The description of the facility was more a rough outline/template to work off of; in all likelihood, there would be a nursery near or adjoining the largest bedroom (seeing that is the master bedroom and the most likely place mating would be done on the most regular basis). Not to mention, they would be expanding the facilities to be made up of several different treehouse structures and the like; it’s reasonable to assume some of those new rooms would also be made into dedicated nurseries or playrooms for the infants.

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