Hailey looked over her remaining supplies all that remained from her escape pods survival kit. She had been lost in the woods of this alien world for a week now, following the destruction of her patrol ship by pirates.

She’d been lucky that her escape pod had managed to find a world with a habitable atmosphere within its limited range. She saw lights as her pod put down so she knows that this world is inhabited but not by who or what. Still her dwindling supplies and the fact rescue could be weeks if not months away has prompted her to find the edge of the forest to try and get supplies by from the locals. By barter if they’re friendly, by other means if they aren’t.

She’s been observing the settlement for a day now, the local tech seems to be in the range of middle ages Europe. The small hamlet seems to be a farming community, she picks an isolated farmstead as her first contact with the locals. Fewer potential combatants and closer to escape via the woods.

The locals are anthromorphic creatures with human and animal features.

Note potential: cows with udders, dogs with multiple breasts, cats with multiple breasts, pigs with multiple breasts, fennec fox with multiple breasts, one of or all present perhaps

The male farmer is friendly, and welcoming, he offers her supplies in exchange for her to help around the farm. She agrees, but finds as the days pass something odd seems to be happening to her. Her clothes don’t seem to fit as well, and the farmer looks more handsome each day. Her dreams keep featuring him and her making love.

Turns out the musk of the locals has a transformative effect on humans, as the days pass Hailey becomes more and more a female of the farmer’s species, and he has been looking for a wife.

As she transforms she considers the empty apartment back at patrol headquarters and the lustful farmer waiting for her in bed. Even later pregnant she hears a beeping as she is preparing a meal for her husband in the fields, she digs out her survival pack and the beeping beacon within signaling it is detecting a ship nearby that is picking up the signal. With only a moment’s hesitation she cuts the beacons power and places it back in the bag which is shoves back under the bed and humming to herself she goes back to preparing dinner.

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