Vanessa and her surviving crew members surveyed the wreckage of their ship, an engine failure had resulted in the crash.

Now they were stranded on an alien world, having to wait until some passing ship picked up their ships distress beacon, but as they were on the fringes of explored space none of them were hopeful. They were resource miners by trade, they had been looking for a good score out here on the fringe away from the larger mining corporations that operated in explored space.

Exploration of the planet quickly reveals that it is inhabited, and by humanoids no less. The crew is quickly captured by the locals who reveal that they are the descendants of scientists from Earth who had fled here due to persecution of their work on Earth.

Vanessa knows her history, the scientists had been wanted for unethical experimentation practices. Their crash wasn’t engine failure but the planet’s defenses tracking and shooting them down. Vanessa and her crew would now be used as test subjects for some new genetic modifications.

Note: Locals are human in shape but the males are seven to eight feet in height and heavily muscled,

the females have three breast in a row and four arms, the multiple arms are meant to make multi-tasking by the women easier as they are tasked with child care and taking care of the homes, many women seen holding a baby to nurse with two arms while doing other tasks with the other two, they are of average height five to six feet tall.

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