Cross-Over Series?

Ya’ll should do a cross-over series involving all the famous giant babes. Particularly the ones made by Bob Saget and have it drawn by Mariano Navarro.

Said cross over, comic series should include
Megan Small- Above the Law
Rebecca- Giantess Containment Bureau
Andrea- Incognito
That chick from Hero of Size (I dont really remember her name right now)

And there’s probably a lot more but those are the ones off the top of my head right now.

So basically the story should start out the earth is getting attacked by Giant As Hell, Robot, Alien, Hot Babes. They are attacking and wrecking all of the major cities which leads the government to try and recruit the Greatest Giantess Babes to help fight against the Sexy Alien/Robotic menace (right in the middle of New York City would be pretty Epic)

Part 1&2 should just be about the Sexy Alien/Robots attacking, and the government contacting the Human giantess babes to try and enlist them to fight the Alien/Robots, maybe just go a little into detail on how they recruited some of the human giantesses, Like Megan Small they just bribed her with a shit ton of money. The chick from hero of size they go back in time and feed her some story about how she’ll be such a hero if she helps stop all of the aliens and robots. Rebecca and Andrea already work for some kind of government organization I guess so it would be pretty much a given that they would help.

Also it would be cool to see how these characters would interact with one another, Megan obviously being the bad girl, Hero of Size chick would be all heroic and stuff, Andrea and Rebecca would be doing it because the government tells them to and pays they’re bills.

And the rest of the comic should just have our heroines facing down the Alien/Robotic menace in the middle of a major city,( with lots of city destruction, Growth, BIG TITS, BIG BUTTS, and all that other stuff that you know we love), So after fighting it out with the antagonists, our protagonists are finally victorious, they get their own superhero outfits, get paid, get a shit ton of respect from the world, and the national anthem is played several times…

The End, (Yes, I just had alot of shots of tequila an hour ago, so if this doesnt really make sense to you… thats probably why)


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    BE SAFE 8008 (Inspired by Fallout)

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    Attack of the Giantess InAnimate Objects

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    Mavis’s Masculine Milkshakes

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    FILF (Fossils I’d like to… you know)

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    Cock Talk

    After a scientific experiment went wrong, Rob is blessed/cursed with a magical dick that can grow and shrink on command… but it also talks to him, often at the most inconvenient times. Directly connected to Rob’s lustful subconscious, his dick happily announces his erotic thoughts and refuses to shut up.

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