A young woman takes a part time job at a local daycare in a small town she has just moved to, the daycare is run by a new-age hippy type woman who believes that nature should provide all needs. Thus she makes use of cloth diapers, wooden toys and feeds the children only natural breastmilk, which her new employee will soon find herself helping to provide.

Basically all of the staff are busty and lactating milk machines, the daycare is just as much in essence a dairy as it is a daycare. The main character quickly finds her breasts expanding to match the large endowments (large dark areola, expanded nipples, etc.) of her co-workers and lining up for her own turn to nurse the tykes in their care and take her turn at the milk pump in the evening before bed. Pumped milk is sold to hospitals, so despite the simple nature of the daycare the owner is actually very well off from such sales. While the protagonist is apprehensive about it, her boyfriend has nothing negative to say about the perps of her new job.

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