Dana Peters has just turned 21 and she has always had a major crush on Dave Benet her next door neighbor. Problem isn’t that Dave’s a bad guy, far from it. Dave is the nicest guy in town. She has always pursued him but he has never seemed to notice her. All that is going to change when Dana makes her birthday wish on her Hope Chest, a family heirloom.

Dave who is 27, is an out of work writer. He had been working with several outlets at once but things just didn’t seem to go his way. Yes he is great at his job, but for some reason all of them decided to just up and fire him for no good reason that they could think of. They even went the route of not telling him in person, but by voicemail because they didn’t want to talk to him in person since he is a nice guy.

All this has happened on Dana’s birthday, and we find her, with her modest figure, straight brown hair, brown eyes on her 5’3″ frame in front of her hope chest about to make her birthday wish. She stands in front of it and says, “Hope chest, today is my birthday, and you know what I desire. I have desired him all of my life, I know that we will be together, it is destiny. So hope chest, take this wish, and make my desire for him what he seeks in his ideal woman. I know that I have tried to get him to notice me, but he doesn’t seem to see me. So, make him see me.” With her wish uttered, a big bolt of lightning flashes behind her bedroom window.

Dana gets ready to prepare for her day with her usual routine getting cleaned up, putting on makeup, before heading downstairs for breakfast. What she didn’t notice was her eyes have turned hazel green from her brown. She heads out the door and bumps right into Dave who she knocks over. She is no longer 5’3″, but 5’10” close to his 6′. Her body has become a little more curvy and her clothes are almost bursting on her hips. She notices that her outfit is starting to come apart on her hips, so she runs away from Dave in the opposite direction before he can get a good look at her. All he sees when he gets up is a tall curvy woman who is shoe-less heading down the walk.

Dana didn’t know where to go since this happened out her front door. She is quickly trying to process what just happened and is trying to make sense of things when her mind suddenly is at ease and her face gets a devilish smile. Her hair becomes blonde and curly as she gains a few more inches in height, and her shirt burst from her boobs becoming a splendid set of double D’s. She looks at herself in her mirror she retrieved from her purse, and is happy to see her reflection. She feels herself getting wet just thinking about what she is turning into, Dave’s ideal woman.

Dave for his part has no idea who it was that knocked him to the ground, only that it was a tall curvy woman whom he believes he has never met. For some reason, his thoughts are focused on the smell of her, she seemed to have a great perfume(he thinks) but it is driving him crazy, making him fantasize a bit. He tries to focus his mind on getting to the library where he hopes he can try to pull things together and do some of his spare time writing his science fiction stories.

Dana heads back home to see if she can find anything that fits, not realizing that her house is changing around her. She finds an interesting business suit and skirt and puts it on, a pair of glasses appear and her hair changes to red and goes up in a bun. Dana’s life is changing drastically as her checkbook with her modest funds seems to grow into the millions and her name reads Didi Peters now. Her house shifts once more as it moves from next door to Dave, into the mansion district, in fact, the land reshapes to accommodate her wealth it seems. She also seem to grow(her clothes with her) to a big 6’8″. She heads directly to the library that Dave is at, almost like she had “Dave Radar”.

Once she arrives at the library, it seems that everyone else knows to get out. The head librarian seems to usher everyone out like she knows that Didi is here for Dave. She walks to the back area where he is at with his head down writing in his book. With each step she takes, her bust seems to expand. Her whole body is oozing sex and Dave begins to smell the smell he noticed earlier. Didi approaches him and he looks up, there eyes meet. He is completely stunned as he doesn’t know who this walking sexpot is that has her sights set on him.

“I was wondering when you were going to notice me.” she coy-fully say pouting her lips and raising her eyebrows. He is stunned and can only barely muster out of his mouth, “Who are you?”

“Who am I? As if you don’t know silly. You spend all this time thinking about me, but you don’t know who I am. I was your next door neighbor. It’s me, Dana, I mean Didi Peters. I have desired you all my life, and now you feel your desire for me, don’t you? You feel yourself, you desires flowing into me, don’t you? I can feel it, you can smell it, can’t you? What do you say we get this on, right here, right now?” she asked.

He didn’t know what happened next as she completely ripped off his clothes as she picked him up effortlessly. She began by doing the same with her clothes while managing to keep her glasses on ironically. He was stunned to see that his cock was enormously erect, almost like it knew what it needed to be. She attacked him slowly, making him want more as she put his organ in between her lips. He just couldn’t seem to help himself, he felt like he was going to explode but surprisingly, he didn’t. Didi looked at him from her knees and said, “No, no, no, net yet darling. We have a lot to do before getting there.”

This seemed to go on forever as the library was slowly having selves of books, tables, and chairs knocked all over the place. Didi’s glasses disappeared as her red hair became jet black, and suddenly there was two of her. She seemed to shrink a little now being two Didi’s at 6’3″, still taller than Dave, but her boobs were out of control. One of her was being eaten by Dave while the other her was getting her pussy hammered by him. The library stood no chance as the walls started to crack. Finally, all three of them came and the library broke, walls came down, but not directly where they were at.

Dave was completely blown away but what had just transpired and knew not what to say. He looked up at both Didi’s as they shifted into one another and she grew back to 6’8″ and smiled at him. “Honey, you really know how to show a woman a great time. You know what, this is only the beginning. What do you say we go back to my house for some more fun darling?”, she asked.

And this is only the beginning. Who knows what Dana, I mean Didi will change into for Dave? Only time will tell.

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3 Responses

  1. Not a bad concept, but I do have a few thoughts.

    I felt that the library collapsing around them was a bit much if the walls are involved. them just having all of the shelves collapse with a book avalanche or something I think would have the same effect and perhaps be a little more believable for them to walk away unharmed from.

    I admit from the title I was half expecting Didi to be a separate personality that would emerge to replace or encourage Dana to move forward or in the end merge with Dana to make a end personality that has traits from both.

    A hope chest traditionally was something women gathered items in in preparation for marriage, to the point it was also called a dowry chest at times. As this is a family heirloom and thus would have come from that line I can’t help but feel that the story should end with the two being engaged at the very least if it is being used as a focal point of this magic.

  2. The hope chest is a mystery as to what it really is. Is it some crazy magical artifact? Is all this because of her wishing on her birthday? The main thing is desire. Does she want to marry Dave? I think it is more like wanting him, desiring him, possessing him.

    After all, she does say this, (She stands in front of it and says, “Hope chest, today is my birthday, and you know what I desire. I have desired him all of my life, I know that we will be together, it is destiny. So hope chest, take this wish, and make my desire for him what he seeks in his ideal woman. I know that I have tried to get him to notice me, but he doesn’t seem to see me. So, make him see me.” With her wish uttered, a big bolt of lightning flashes behind her bedroom window.)

    So the real question is, is she changed because of what his ideal woman is, or her desire to have him as hers? I would say that that is like most of the stories we tend to read. What is going on in some of them is an awakening to one of the characters, and the other realizing what is in front of them. Is it possible that she is his fantasy, or that she is in control of what his fantasy is and every action is controlled somehow by her? Is she able to see in his mind, maybe that is why there is suddenly two of her at that point? There are some many options in this story to take, that if too many come out, how could the story be able to finish?

    One of the stories I have drafted was one where there are several different timelines/worlds of the same person going through different experiences. I think it started out sort of like the movie Sliding Doors in which different paths are taken resulting in other outcomes. I realized quickly that this would be really hard to write out because the possibility of the audience getting bored quickly going over the same ground just different scenery.

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