Beverly (a young woman in her first semester at college) accidentally pisses off Lamar (a classmate and want-to-be warlock) when she checks out the last copy book that they needed for the same class before he did. Out of spite he tries to curse her into never fitting in however instead becoming a social pariah his victim finds herself waking up in a different world every morning, with her body changing accordingly right after she wakes up, each world where humanity is very different. Can our struggling protagonist to avoid seeming awkward in her newly changed body and somehow find a way to return and stay in her world? As a proposal the woman’s life only, changes based on the changes to society, friendships, relationships and the like remain a relative constant. Suggested worlds include a world where the women’s breasts swell a full cup-size when they are “in the mood”, a world where the women’s heights range between 7 and 10 feet tall (while the men are normal sized), a world where the women never lost their tails and can still climb and balance like monkeys, a world where all men are she-males, a world where higher mammals evolved from marsupials, a flooded world of merfolk, a world where humans were birds instead of mammals.

Idea by rantman

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  1. A nice concept but I feel that with some of the changes, that relationships should perhaps change in some cases as the story progresses.

    Should the end game with this be convincing some other world version of the warlock to remove or reverse the spell, either sending them back or leaving them in the dimension they currently find themselves in? Should they come to enjoy another world more than the one they left behind where they want to try and stay or go back to that world more so then go back to what they started as or with? If they do go back should there be any lingering effects on their physical body from having visited to many other worlds she will have to learn to live with?

    a few more world concepts to add to the list already supplied.

    -men do not exist, women randomly and spontaneously become pregnant to maintain population. This means some women will never be pregnant while others may be forced to live through multiple ones, as such expectant women are well treated.
    -all births are twin births of a male and female, so the protagonist meets basically a male version of herself and other gender versions of all of her friends.
    -people evolved from insects, protagonist is on the track to become a overweight immobile egg laying queen in this reality
    -a 1950’s style world where women still fill the role of only wife and mother, as such protagonist goes from college back to her families home where she is to meet her fiancĂ© her father choose for her that day
    -people evolved from lions, as such the protagonist finds herself in a polygamous relationship with other anthro lionesses who split the duties of servicing and providing for their male lion. (note in lion prides the lionesses do the hunting, as such the male of the house is just a pampered stud his duties are just to service the women when they want or are in heat, the lionesses run and have the real power in this world)
    -people evolved from rabbits, as such the protagonist suddenly finds she has alot more siblings, and has to be super careful to avoid pregnancy in this world

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