What happens next does the teacher turn too!?! Does the serum effect the whole school? The world needs to know.

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  1. What if the infected break the school up into territories, with the cafeteria as a neutral ground, along with each of the different territories being held by different groups. Sports areas being held by jocks and cheerleaders, who all have transformed into farm animals (going by what happened in the original story), geeks/nerds get the labs and computer lab and are all different kinds of reptiles, and the other cliques fall into being different animals as well. I think the transformations of the teachers really will come down to what their expertises are and how invested they are in their jobs and subjects.

    In all likelihood, after things reach a certain point someone is going to see the unfolding events as an outbreak of some kind and close off the exterior exits/entrances to the complex, regardless of who is actually in there, and send out an alert to the governmental health organizations, and by the time someone gets back them the person who made the original call has already been compromised and likely gave a warning about that before being disconnected. Maybe the government has someone send in some drones to get a look at the situation, only to see all the transformed people in different places partaking in various kinds of intercourse.

    Personally, I think it would amusing to see each of the teachers basically turn into anthro versions of different mythological/Fantasy monsters, that could be fun to see, it could also explain how the teachers are able to keep control of things in the new power dynamic. The Dean/Principal turning into a literal dragon is a fun thought, in my opinion.

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