After discovering a mystical portal buried deep in his closet, Jake discovers an alternate dimension equal to his own, with one crucial difference– every woman is a cock-hungry, insatiable bimbo. It’s a dream come true for him, but there’s only one problem. Jake is uncontrollably shot back to his own dimension after every orgasm. Soon, after multiple visits to the Bimbo Realm, Jake loses track of his own reality, stuck in the middle and unable to tell the difference. He must realign his sense of time and space before he loses himself to chaotic bliss.


Idea by DeLonge

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  1. Feel this needs some fleshing out on how the shot back to his own dimension would result in him not being able to tell the difference.

    I mean is he becoming a bimbo as well with every orgasm in a bimbo in bimbo land? Where its his diminishing intelligence that is making him have a hard time telling the two apart? is he becoming a bimbo stud, a female bimbo or a futa bimbo? Could the ending of this scenario be that in the end he no longer zaps back home, unaware any longer that the Bimbo Realm isn’t home, and that realm gets a new resident while someone else gets his apartment and becomes the next victim.

    Does this have some ripple effect on his own reality where in every time he gets zapped back to his reality he brings back some bimbo energy where everyone in his dimension becomes more bimbo? Does this end up with two bimbo realms or does this equalize the two hence the confusion where it goes from normal world and bimbo world to just two worlds with very busty horny women of lesser intelligence?

    Is the dimension he ends up being zapped back to randomly in some way different, hence over time he just forgets what his original world that he may be trying through continued attempts at being zapped back to get back to, sort of like the series “Sliders” concept?

    Or is he just unaware of any changes that may be happening to himself or the dimension as things progress.

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