The protagonist is a huge nerd who lives in his dads large house, his dad constantly away working and his step mom out shopping he goes to pleasure himself. That’s when a meteor lands in his yard, he goes out and brings the rock inside to study it like the massive nerd he is, he leaves the room and comes back to discover an alien woman in his room. It tells him it got the form of a human female from his brain, he declares himself ruler of earth and that she must fulfill his desires. After taking in the protein from his semen the alien changes shape to his desires.
When he begins to desire more exotic things taller, sexier, submissive, slut, muscular, curvy, the alien changes to fulfill these he gets the desire to have a giantess, things go wrong for him as the alien decides to take control dominating him sucking him dry for his cum.
Things really go wrong when his stepmom comes home from the grocery store.

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