Yasmin lived on PS671, a colony world of earth, a failing colony, it had once been a thriving agricultural planet supplying food to three solar systems, but a change in the planets climate and over farming had led to large portions of the planet becoming desserts.

As such those who could left the world, men had the option of joining up as legitimate freighter crew transporting goods between the stars, or if they lacked the grades or connections for that, as crew for smugglers or pirates who often came to such worlds to recruit cannon fodder.

Women had few options, if one wanted to earn enough funds for transport off world it usually meant saving up for a few generations or seek work in the pleasure district, where women were recruited to work in brothels throughout the sector or as rich men’s escorts. Many women working there were genetically modified to better suit potential clients tastes. The cost of having that reversed added to the time one needed to work unless the woman came to like her new assets. That was the danger of that profession, far to often the women became addicted to the pleasure of their new form and rather than leave the industry once they had saved up enough to buy out there contracts they continued to work as pleasure workers simply being more choosy of their clients.

Yasmin felt that she was strong willed enough to resist the temptation of the flesh, she would work till she could afford to buy out her contract and have enough money to get to a better world and then start a new life, she made this no secret to the big breasted matron of the recruitment office she was signing up in, the matron just smiled, as she had heard it all before.

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