Anne had met Catherine at the start of the summer; she had seemed lost but over time proved to be a great friend. Today on the last day of summer Catherine had decided she wanted to share a secret with Anne.

She took her to a strip mall, most of the stores were boarded up and closed, but in one corner there was a store with a sign reading ‘Fabulous Fashions’ with the statement underneath it of ‘we always have what’s in style, one size fits all.’

Anne was a little confused, the old woman behind the counter smiled as they passed her by. The store had an odd layout and collection of goods. Anne swore she could see suits of armor piled up in a corner, the racks didn’t seem to have any order to them, other than the type of clothing and gender with women’s things to the right of the store and men’s to the left, but she could see what looked like a fur bikini next to a hippie beaded vest.

Catherine took her over to a bin containing underthings all piled together, she reached in moving items like corsets and torpedo bra’s out of her way until she emerged with what she was apparently looking for. Then dragged Anne off to the dressing room and told her to try it on, Anne immediately rebelled there was no way her modest breasts were going to fill out this bra. Catherine insisted to the point of practically stripping Anne and then strapping the bra on, Anne’s astonishment her breast grew to fit the bra. Suddenly Anne realized why Catherine was such a knockout.

Catherine admits to this fact, that the person changes to fit the clothes, but then reveals something else, the shop also works as a time machine, if you buy clothes from a different era you emerge from the store in that era and sometimes in even different places based on where the item was made. Catherine has been buying swim suits for ages living in a perpetual summer in a variety of ages as a swimsuit always deposited her at the start of a summer. Not bad for someone who originally a ladies maid in the 1800’s looking for new underthings. Her first purchase had been a swimsuit she mistook for underwear and she’d been enjoying herself ever since.

Catherine has enjoyed Anne’s company so much she wanted to offer her a place traipsing through history having fun. Anne agrees but first want to find a few things to further enhance her look.

Catherine shows how every item has a tag attached to it with the stores logo, it states things like the appropriate age of the person wearing it, i.e. the age the person would become, its size, its place of origin and its era. There are only three problems one is that the tag is written in the language of the place and time it corresponds to, she holds up an Egyptian headdress with a tag written in hieroglyphics, second the handwriting is terrible making some of the writing hard to make out. Finally some items tags have fallen off making them wildcards.

Catherine also to watch for anything tagged ‘final sale’ anything worn or bought with that tag cannot be reversed, and can on occasion transport the user out of the shop upon purchase / wearing it so you can’t find your way back to the shop as it moves in every era, only purchasing and exiting allows a person to find their way back to it for future purchases. She declines to state how she learned that fact.

They have some fun trying on a few things and after a few mistakes, one involving a bit of a mess with a maternity bra, Anne is satisfied with her new look. Now it’s time to pick when to go back to. The two have summer fun in a number of different era’s until one faithful day. They are picking through the swimsuits on offer, with two of them it can be difficult to find two from the same place and era so they stay together and the shop only seems to restock at odd intervals.

This time the only matching set they can find are missing their tags, they are a set of grass shirts and tops that make both think of Hawaii, but given how long the fashion has been in style they aren’t sure what era they may be for. They take a chance, and end up in the same era, unfortunately both items were it turns out final sale, the store vanishes behind them as they become two island girls back when the islands were first being settled.


Learning the changes don’t occur until the item is worn Anne suggests getting some payback on some of the bullies in town. They purchase a number of items to fill a sack, then when the opportunity arises swap items from the sack with their targets clothes. They watch a stuck up bully girl know for flaunting her figure be reduced to a preteen via replacing her bra with a training one, a bully boy change into a nerd before flashing away to the 1920’s (or is replaced by an old nerdy man who could have been a nerd in the 1920’s), a mean old woman turn into a stunning harem maiden before vanishing to the 900 AD in a sultans harem.

They enjoy themselves till one day they are changing at Anne’s when they notice they are changing, turns out Anne’s mother did the laundry including the remaining contents of their sack, without realizing it they had donned a set of maternity blouses, turning into well stacked mothers to be in the 1940’s baby boom era in America.


Learning the changes don’t occur until the item is worn Anne suggests getting some payback on some of the bullies in town. They purchase a number of items to fill a sack, then when the opportunity arises swap items from the sack with their targets clothes. They hide bits in various places around town for people to encounter like landmines.

Catherine and Anne are invited to a summer costume party, Anne’s mother works as a seamstress supplying costumes to the local theatre; they decide to barrow a few things from what she is working on. Decked out as 15th century ladies they begin to feel weird then Catherine notices a Fabulous Fashion tag on a table, realizes the clothes come from there. To late they find themselves in 15th century London during the reign of Henry the 8th, and strangely everyone keeps referring to them as Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.


This time they can only find one pair that seem to come from the same era, one of them is tagged final sale, Anne suggests getting something other than swimsuits, but Catherine is set on continuing her eternal summer and decides to chance it. Unfortunately for her the ride is over, the two piece swimsuit was a maternity swimsuit, the final sale ticket locks her into motherhood as she ages up and grows out, reality shifts and they emerge in the 1940’s, a husband waits for Catherine who ushers her away. Anne laments not forcing Catherine to try something else, but then a cute hunk gives her a wink and decides why waste the summer as nothing can be done.


After spending a great number of summers together Catherine currently sporting F cups, meets a man while they are in 1950’s America, she falls in love and decides to stay after a long summer romance where Anne gets left out. Catherine tries to get Anne to stay with her, recommending the friend of her lover to her, but Anne just can’t see herself living in an age before the internet, plus the swimsuit she got for this era has left her with very small breasts. The two hug and Catherine drives off in the passenger seat of her new fiancée while Anne heads back to the Boutique. She thinks about what to do next as she wanders through the aisles, passing by the swimsuits, somehow she thinks it wouldn’t be the same, she passes by wedding dresses thinking of Catherine being perhaps a little jealous, but then passes by maternity wear and thinks perhaps not. In the end she stops in an aisle of tacky Christmas sweaters, winter coats, skis and other winter apparel, if the summer fun was over perhaps it was time to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

Notes: This has multiple endings, because quite frankly I kept thinking up different ways for this to end, if this becomes a series than some of these endings could be slated for different tales and different women. Or the starting group could be made larger to run multiple endings at once with volumes past the first following a different pair of girls from the starting group ending up at different endings.

I fully admit that the boutique could perhaps be replaced quite easily with the spells r us store in this story concept, which ending may determine how well it fits with the current twisted endings that store evokes. I leave that to others to determine if this should be paired with story concept that or if this should become a new story vehicle for story tellers to use.

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