A new maternity store has opened at the mall. What no one knows is this store is run by an out of control fertility goddess looking to increase her sales at the same rate she increases the local population. Incense draws expectant women or those inclined to have children to the shop like flies to honey, those that leave the shop gain the assets needed to not only ensnare a man but also ease childbirth.

the goddess has also been known to turn nerdy girls into bimbos or future submissive housewives depending on their comments or attitudes while passing her store. Changing goals and personalities from good grades and future careers to pleasing men and having children.

Will our protagonist be able to resist the goddess call? Will she be the last holdout as her college town starts having a boom in busty sexy women and a resulting baby boom that follows. Or will she be another woman who trades her A+ grades for a set of milk filled D cup breasts.

Is there a reason she is resistant? Is she employed at the store and given immunity till all the rest are converted, does she just avoid the mall? Or is her willpower that strong or a combination of these. Comment on your thoughts.

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  1. Been putting some more thought towards this and have this addition to add.

    -I envision the goddess to either be unnamed, or perhaps one of the following fertility related goddesses, or perhaps all of them working together, Hathor from Egypt, Freyja from Norse mythology and Hera from Greek mythology etc.

    -to expand on the concept that the lead or the employees are immune based on being employed at the store, I was thinking the goddesses in order to be on earth and use their powers need a high priestess and a temple, they figured a temple is a place where people come to barter for a gods services or sacred items in the past, so how is that different from a store so that fills that requirement. A high priestess works at the temple and helps maintain it and help worshippers, a store employee it could be said meets that requirement. So they place a help wanted add and wait for an applicant.
    Hence the lead without knowing it has power over the goddess she could use, she just doesn’t realize that quitting her job hence removing herself from the high priestess position would force them all off the mortal plane. Whether that would reverse anything they’ve done or whether they found hit their traitorous high priestess with a curse or blessing (depending on the viewpoint) on their exit.

    I could even see an ending where we see someone else in some other small town after the seeing the same add the previous lead did, after all just because they got kicked out once doesn’t mean they can’t come back using the same trick somewhere else.

    Another option is she realizes she does have that power over them and uses it to her own advantage to get the goddesses to do her bidding/ grant her favors, and the goddess give in, until they with grins introduce the lead to their new hire and the lead realizes she’s screwed, as now they can fire her get their revenge and still have an employee to keep them in the mortal plane.

    Alternatively the goddess could find themselves suspected by a kind of scooby-doo mystery solving group looking into the sudden change in the local women, but in this case the goddesses make it so each member gets their own sexy distraction to keep them busy, while they pack up to leave, having sucked as much power from this place that they can until the next generation. In this group there may be some that are reluctant to do anything, seeing the benefits of couples wanting children getting them or just the aspect of how the town now has a surplus of model level beauties looking for good men.

    In any event I think the set up can allow for
    -Breast expansion
    -hip expansion
    -mind control / alteration / lust increase
    -bimbo mind drain
    -giantess (the goddesses showing their real form to intimidate mortals)
    -age regression / progression to make women prime breeding age

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