The basic idea of the story is that someone with a lot of money has opened a company and has been doing business for several years. His main business is taking in troubled girls and having then ‘fixed’ in reality it is a place where he can have some fun without any problems. While he does give them back most of the time, that is only after he has finished playing with them so he can get money, and sometimes he says it is incurable and now she will be a permanent resident, AKA slave. I think most of the story should happen in his facility, where he oversee’s some transformations and some who are already finished. One idea I had for a few of the slaves is that a set of triplets all have been mind controlled to be the best at one type of sex and are obsessed with it, even calling themselves by the type of sex and not their names, so one would be blow job, one anal and one pussy.

I know I am rambling

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