Haunted Mansion

When a young man wins an old mansion he takes several of his female friends to check it out. The house is haunted by the family and staff who previously lived there (All extremely sexy buxom women) who are looking for a new master for the house. When The man and his friends arrive they split up to explore the house, while exploring the girls are possessed by the different ghost turning them sexier.


    Botcomics Games

    Some of the existing comics that have concluded, for the time being, would probably be fun to play through as games; and some of the suggestions would probably work better as games as well; I know I’ve suggested a few that could work almost good as a game as a

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    Transgender transformation

    Theme and genre of the story: The genre is about gender bender, futanari, gay, physical transformations of the body, magic and biology, the kink in particular that must excite in the story is the perversion of the transformation of the body and mind through a magical element that manipulates biology

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    Cougar Woods

    Carter Arbos wakes up on the floor of an unfamiliar structure he later learns is an elaborate treehouse; he also finds out he’s been turned into anthro puma, better known by the monikers of mountain lion and cougar. He also finds himself very naked with a toned body and a

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    Spells R US: Magic MIrror

    Beth is a 23 year old woman who is unemployed living with her parents after graduating college. She constantly have reoccuring dreams of women with big breasts and somehow the mirror in her room breaks. The next day she stumble across the Spells R Us shop. While there, beth stares

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    Bessy’s Acres Prequel (Clara)

    The prequel will focus on Sammy’s mother Clara at her time on the ranch in 1990 when she was a freshman in college and she meets Bessy’s mother. (Clara implied to Bessy that she used to have a sexual relationship her mother and other things) we will also get to

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    BE SAFE 8008 (Inspired by Fallout)

    “S.A.F.E” stands for “Sexually Aware of Fornication and Experiments.” and “8008” is leet for “BOOB”, in other words TITS. There are 6 Adults that sign up for this experiment who are in thier mid to late 20s (3 men and 3 women) and they enter the safe at an undisclosed

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    Dana’s, No, Scratch That. Didi’s Desire

    Dana Peters has just turned 21 and she has always had a major crush on Dave Benet her next door neighbor. Problem isn’t that Dave’s a bad guy, far from it. Dave is the nicest guy in town. She has always pursued him but he has never seemed to notice

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    The Wants and Wishes of Deena

    Matt was just a normal guy who loved his girlfriend Megan. Megan loved Matt with all her heart, and had a nice body with Double D breasts. Matt’s childhood neighbor Deena was not quite Matt’s cup of tea. She was only a year younger and always doted after him, always

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    Attack of the Giantess InAnimate Objects

    Braden Baum wishes for his furniture, electronics, and other inanimate objects to become humanoid sexy females but backfires when they grow each day bustier and bigger in size. Now when they reach 200 feet and continue to grow they become rampaging giantesses. Idea by braden697

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    Mavis’s Masculine Milkshakes

    A lustful fairy (Mavis) is on a quest to gather as much semen as possible. Visiting her lovers in the middle of the night, she’s able to transform her body into their ultimate desire after a single kiss. Adventuring around the world, she transforms into countless forms: bimbos, futanari, centaurs,

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    FILF (Fossils I’d like to… you know)

    An inventive paleontologist finds a way to revitalize dinosaurs! After placing their bones in his incubator, they’re brought back to life in all their magnificent glory! But there’s a problem with his machine. He must have crossed his wires somewhere along the way. Every dinosaur is transformed into an anthropomorphic

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    Cock Talk

    After a scientific experiment went wrong, Rob is blessed/cursed with a magical dick that can grow and shrink on command… but it also talks to him, often at the most inconvenient times. Directly connected to Rob’s lustful subconscious, his dick happily announces his erotic thoughts and refuses to shut up.

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    2 Responses

    1. What could be interesting is if each of the ghosts were ethnically different and when they possess someone that person has their physical changes have them end up looking like a mix of the possessor and possessed. While the possessing spirit would maintain most of their personality, maybe some of their mannerisms would be influenced by their host. And maybe some of the possessed could have something about them that causes the possessing spirit to full-on merge with them. Just some thoughts on how things could go down. Also, the possessed could also send out messages to people the spirits find in their memories, mostly individuals the possessed didn’t like for whatever reason, to fill in the missing staff roster with the remaining spirits looking for a host.

    2. I think the age of the mansion and the time period of the staff need to be defined. I mean is this a sort of 1900’s era mansion in the US or a mansion dating back to the 17th or 18th century set somewhere in Europe where the old family may have been part of the peerage.

      The difference in this is just in how the ghosts would be dressed, the degree of different personalities they could have depending on the time period and the positions that could be used. In older times many noble women employed wet nurses for example an excuse for a buxom and milky character and transformation. Or a ladies maid, one primarily responsible for seeing to a noble woman’s needs, (getting meals, dressing them, doing hair and make up, etc.) rather than just cleaning and maintaining the house, could be a line to use for them to prepare one of the others to be possessed during a bit of dress up with items found in the mansion or a sleepover concept.

      Just for thought on potential female servant roles
      Ladies Maid
      Wet Nurse
      Laundry Maid

      An older house could also have the history of the owner being thought to be a user of dark magics who was killed by his tenants in fear and the house being completely abandoned until now. Hence why no one else was ever possessed in the past.

      It might perhaps be more interesting if the staff were the only ghosts, enspelled to serve whoever owns the home by the previous master. Leaving the male lead a choice, accept their service becoming master of the house thus leaving his friends as the ghosts new hosts or release the ghosts from service and get his friends back to at least their original personalities if not bodies.

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