Bethany has been the live-in volunteer test subject for a genetic modifying company for months. Her life is pretty simple. Wake up, exercise, eat food, and offer her body for experimental mutation, only to be reset and repeated, day after day. She doesn’t hate it, and truth be told, it’s kind of fun. She always enjoys seeing what kind of weird transformations she’s subjugated to. Sometimes it’s as simple as elongated eyelashes. Other times it’s as weird as dicks for fingers. But when the company suddenly hires another test subject, one much younger and perkier than she is, Bethany will push herself to be the best “lab brat” possible, volunteering for riskier and riskier assignments to outshine her new competition.


Idea by DeLonge

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  1. I can’t help but wonder what the payout for lab brats really is. Do they do it just for the kinks? Is there a hefty payment per experiment? An agreement that they can keep any transformations they like?

    It might just be interesting if its the last and Bethany if not for photos wouldn’t recall what she looked like when she started. Perhaps transformations could have mild lingering side effects, with the bigger risk ones having a high risk of failure to revert.

    Might be interesting if the motivation for Bethany is this is an easy job she doesn’t want to lose as she isn’t qualified for anything else, while her new co-worker is just a transformation enthusiast. So Bethany become distraught that in the end she became a freak and her co-worker is just jealous.

    I wonder if this does go to production will Bethany be allowed to leave the lab between experiments, I mean she’s live in but is she restricted to the lab as part of her contract where she can’t get away from her co-worker, who perhaps also becomes a roommate or neighbor? Or can she leave and get time away to spend with friends, where we can also see how common the transformation products she tests are used by the general populace.

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