Coming back to life is never easy, especially when you’ve been resurrected by a group of horny female scientists. Even worse for poor zombified Fred, the scientists think he’s someone else– Hank the Tank, legendary porn star! Someone must’ve made a mistake. This isn’t his body. These aren’t his muscles. And this ginormous cock is definitely not his. But poor Fred will have to play along with the charade and pretend to be the porn star the ladies think he is unless he wants them to cut him apart and fix their mistake. And to make matters even more confusing, the women have modified him with testicles that have growth-inducing sperm! Thankfully, he makes a friend in the lonely next-door milf, who agrees to help keep his secret in exchange for bone-rattling sex. Can Frank pretend to be a stud to save his undead existence? How will he adjust to his new extraordinary body? What other modifications will the women make to him?

Idea by Blue

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