The comic starts off with a instagram model or webcam model or something like that. She is really hot, perfect body tits ass everything. She runs an IG page, youtube channel etc. her whole platform is that she is health and fitness freak. She posts pictures of herself wearing the latest sexiest workout clothes and of her traveling around wearing super sexy tight form fitting clothes. She would post pics of super healthy food, and recipes about how to make super healthy food.

The thing is that she is the complete opposite. She will never actually shows a video of her working out because she hate all exercise and physical activity, she will post pics of healthy food that she never eats. She loves pizza, and mcdonalds and fast food. She loves to smoke and drink and have a good time.

My idea is that she has a heavier friend that is her assistant and who knows all of her secrets. The main character is always super mean to her friend, making fun of her weight while is gorges herself on a fattening meal or tell her that she is out of shape while she is smoking a cigarette and laying around.

This would go on for awhile because the main character as a super fast metabolism and she can eat all she wants without a worry of gaining a pound and she loves to flaunt this in front of other women and make them jealous.

As the story progresses the main character wants to change her online persona, she is tired of putting on the lie of who she is online (with the encouragement of her friend, her friend secretly loves to see the main character eat show off her body) She starts to slowly show at first a small glimpse of her eating habits, as she gets more and more positive reactions she starts to show more and more…but she is still pretending that she works out.

Then she decides to start showing how she doesnt have to workout either as she gets more and more confidence with showing her real self online. Her friend loves this, she would spend her nights watching videos of the main character eat talk about her distain for working out and exercise.

this sees her subscriber base explode as she gains more and more followers. She loves this and emboldens her to do more.

She starts showing off more and more to make other women and online models jealous of how she can eat and stay fit and thin.

as she increases the fast food that she is eating at first she is in denial of the small amount of weight that she is putting on. She still looks perfect but she just has a small thin layer of fat. Her friends keen eye sees this and she loves it. As more time progresses the main character doesnt notice it but there is a tiny belly and her clothes are getting tighter and tighter (she blames the wash or improperly marked clothes) she has never gained weight and why would she now.

as her weight continues to very slowly increase she finally starts to notice (the online comments start to become mean and rude about her weight gain) she starts to use different angles to “hide” her weight gain which works a little but her followers have a sharp eye and notice what she is trying to do. she starts to try and workout or go for a run but she quickly fails as she is in such horrible shape…her lungs burn from the smoking and her legs wobble because she has never exercised (her friend secretly loves this, seeing her friend fail at working out) She encourages the main character to give up working out

then she tries to diet but she hates it and her friend is constantly telling the main character that she doesnt need to diet that she is perfect. The main character would go and secretly get larger clothes and outfits that would hide the main characters belly that would help her keep the main character in denial.

after searching her friend advises her that smoking more will help her lose weight (her friend secretly likes her being out of shape and unhealthy)

so the main character starts to smoke more encouraged by her friend, this immediately has the desired effect. The main character starts to slowly lose the weight and she loves it. She quickly is back into her tightest and sexiest clothes showing off her body. She starts posting hot photos all over social media, getting back to all of her haters.

Smoking has given her more confidence she feels like her metabolism is unbeatable. She starts to put on bigger and bigger eating shows for the world to see. Everyone online is amazed, how can this beautiful flawless model eat like she does and stay so perfect. The friend loves this, she encourages the main character to eat and smoke more and more.

As the story progresses the friend has the main character chain smoking (the main character is almost always with a cigarette now) she has her believing it is the only way for her to keep her body that is so important to her.

this continues until no matter how much she smokes she cant hold back the weight gain again it is slow and she starts using angles and clothes that cover her problem areas. The friend realizes that she needs to keep the main character in denial and has to find a better solution.

so the friend orders full body spanx and girdles online. The main character is disgusted, only fat women wear this stuff and she is beautiful and hot look at her IG page and you will see. But the friend convinces her the main character again sees her confidence grow. She thinks that she will forever be able to eat all she wants and stay perfect.

This continues until one day that she can barely get into her shapewear but she does it with extensive help from her friend. She get on a youtube live feed to show off to her subscribers that she can still eat all she wants and be skinny. She looks like a stuffed sausage jammed into her shapwear and wearing clothes that she has outgrown long ago. She starts eating her epic feast, she gorges herself like never before and she loves it thinking about how hot she looks and how many more followers she will have.

Her friend euphoric watching the main character stuff herself and chain smoke cigarettes. As the main character continues to eat until girdle bursts off her body and the spanx rip from the pressure her fat body is putting on it. The main character ends up exploding out of her shapewear showing her fat body for the whole world to see.

Idea by nairbcon


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