In a quiet town 5 college students lives will never be the same as they all took the bus ride to the university as tragedy struck with a meteorite striking the bus instantly vaporizing them. Next thing you know all of them wake up in a strange place a room with gears turning and greeted by a kind woman, she let us know we died but our deaths were no accident it was duty to defeat an evil shadow king. Promised to take care of all our loved ones in our old life she also promised us we could reincarnate as any race we could choose.

Being the dumbasses they are they decided to choose to be monster girls. One wanted to be 7ft amazon, one wanted to be a female 8ft Minotaur,one wanted to be a 30ft giant,one wanted to be a 500ft titan, while the last asks to be a 5ft slime. As they are transported to the next world in they’re new forms they easily work together to defeat the shadow king in less than two weeks. But, after finishing the job with super laser focus the group has no idea what to do after they’re quest and headed off to a small peaceful tavern with the best food in the kingdom and discuss they’re future.

As the team enjoyed the dinner they decided to explore they’re bodies as they proceed not only have sex with each other, but practically the entire village. Even using magic to enhance their pleasures in exploding ecstasy. The Amazon In an orgy of men, the Minotaur getting her two mammary’s sucked on, the giant getting stuffed with men and women in her vagina, the slime in a group of women feeling them up and down while also inflating them with slime juice. For the the titan woman 10 wizards used their magic to manipulate the earth and constructed a metal tower big enough for her gargantuan womanhood. With the world saved who doesn’t want a little rest and reward?

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