Leo Slaacous is annoyed; his friends signed him up for the erotic gameshow known as Claimer’s Islands. The gameshow has the contestants run around a private tropical archipelago completely in the nude. In the gameshow, each of the 9 contestants is unaware of the position of the other contestants at the start of the show. All the contestants know is what they are told from the start of the program; due to the abundance of nudity and the occasional instances of sexual encounters, the program is rated to be for Mature audiences only, which doesn’t deter some underage viewers from attempting to watch the program.
The program is composed of a series of challenges, questions, and votes by the contestants, each victory earning the winners useful prizes, with all the non-winners having short-term handicaps imposed on them.
Leo is informed that he and his fellow contestants are part of a special program, one guy versus a team of 8 women. This was not something he expected; even more surprising is the reveal that all the women in the contest are his type of woman. About halfway through the show, Leo learns, as well as the audience, that should he win, he will also be married there in the live broadcast to the contestant with a score closest to his own; while if one of the women should take home the win, they’ll get their choice of holiday escape for a full month with all its expenses basically paid for by the show. Leo is surprised, annoyed, and a little angry about all this; just because he’s been a bachelor his whole life, and has been fine with it the entire time, doesn’t mean he wants to get with a life partner at some point in his life.

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2 Responses

  1. so a nude survivor meets the bachelor type concept, not bad on the whole.

    Not sure of the starting statement that the contestants are in different parts of the island from each other, they would still need to presumably be brought together for challenges and that then would be the lead males only chance to interact with them story wise. May be better to have the ladies together and the man separate, one of the challenges for the women throughout may be locating the lead males hut and finding or otherwise acquiring a key to said hut for a chance for an encounter with him.

    This story would definitely lend itself to the concept of the women in the contests betraying each other, but the lead would have to be desirable enough to them for them to do so. Not sure if this wouldn’t work better if the focus is on the ladies contesting against themselves and the man as strictly a non-participant prize. Booby prizes could be transformations for the other ladies or made into bimbos and sold off or given off to the shows crew. With the girls allowed to keep more of their brains the closer to the winners circle they manage to get before being eliminated.

    For the contests should they be related to survival on the island, direct contests against each other or pleasing the man who acts as a judge because there is that aspect as well if the man tries to help any of the women advance.

    Given the marriage prize and the single male I keep envisioning trails that involve in a nude and jungle setting contests in areas of cooking, cleaning, child care and bedroom activities.

    For handicaps should they be transformative in nature, perhaps some might hamper in a contest but draw the mans eyes in others. Like larger breasts, or multiple breasts, hairy legs, size reduction, size increase, lactation, weight gain. Or having to complete something extra as a start delay like give the male lead a blow job or a tit fuck etc, a loss on time but a way to impress the man. So strategy in a sense may involve occasionally throwing a contest, especially if the man has a few immunity tokens he can pass to his favorites for the girls to have their eyes on.

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