Tom is a typical guy, working hard and just trying to live a simple life. With a small house, two dogs, and a wife, everything is going great for him. Well… almost everything. The only regret he’s living with is that his sex life has become rather boring and without any passion. He’s married to his high school prom queen. Where did he go wrong?

Unfortunately, she has no tits, not much of an ass, and is not as pretty as she once was when they married ten years ago. Clearly, the years have made an impact on her appearance.

One day, trying to spice things up, he comes home with the weirdest dildo ever. It’s almost black and has demonic-like runes scrawled across it. She reluctantly accepts to give it a try later that night. When they eventually use it, she immediately orgasms, squirting all over the bed. She hasn’t had a climax that powerful in years. With her fluids coating it, it alarmingly starts moving all by itself, passionately thrusting in and out of her, unable to be removed.

Apparently the strange sexual and demonic dildo was a sort of magic lamp that had trapped the spirit of a very powerful succubus inside. It just needed just a small amount of feminine fluid to break the spell and set the demon free. Upon being released, the succubus needs a host and takes aggressive command of the wife’s body and mind, transforming her into a voluptuous slut in the process.
Thankful for being freed after thousands of years, she has a lot of catching up to do

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